Smile Make-up for Special Occasions

A perfect smile is the best make-up you can wear. And beautiful! New oral aesthetic technologies will help you for special events and important dates.

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 08/07/2015
El maquillaje dental está indicado para ocasiones especiales
El maquillaje dental está indicado para ocasiones especiales
The dental make-up is suitable for special occasions

According to the last report about Signature Smiles Lip Survey, the 45% of European women are not happy with the shape of their lips, and they actually hate their teeth. If it is about fear, as it happens to the majority of the population, there are thousands of resources to get a beautiful mouth temporally, just for special occasions thanks to digital techniques where pain has no room, due to the painless and non-invasive procedures.

Sometimes there are visits to the specialist that aren’t related with orthodontics, bleeding gums or bruxism problems. During the last years, the importance of oral aesthetic has been getting stronger thanks to their immediate and spectacular results. One of these revolutionary technologies is the teeth make-up. It isn’t a long term treatment; teeth make-up is designed specifically to show a perfect smile on a very special day, like a wedding or an important party.

El maquillaje dental es muy fácil de aplicar
The dental make-up is very easy to apply

Stains, dark teeth, irregular shapes or small breaks will disappear thanks to a digitally planned smile in each case, allocated in the mouth thanks to a material which simulates the natural teeth’s enamel. Moreover, the mock-up always fits facial shapes, size, the colour and the position of the teeth, and other characteristics that allow us to always get the best and perfect result adapted to each patient.

During the design of the smile, a provisional tester is done straight in the mouth, this digitally planned smile, so that, it is easier to make the changes needed and it helps to have an idea of how the definitive teeth will look like after all the treatments recommended by the professional: implants, orthodontics o oral aesthetic. However, the success it had when patients could see how their final teeth will look like using this mock-up, a new beauty treatment has been born!

El maquillaje dental tiene un efecto flash
The dental make-up has an effect flash

So many smiles have enjoyed their big day using the oral make-up. The mock-up gets perfect teeth which lasts up to three days. Because it is a temporary treatment, it requires just two visits; the first one to design it and the last one to place it. During the first appointment the specialist will evaluate if, according to the morphology of the teeth of each patient, the treatment can or can’t be done. How? Going through a 3D simulation, first using the computer and then the real teeth’s final result, which is placed on top of the teeth so the patient can wear it during a limited period of time .

It is made by a special material that simulates the natural tooth enamel. The new proposal in the latest odontology permits us to see the final result before the treatment is started. With oral make-up, you could show a perfect smile on your wedding or in those occasions, avoiding going a definitive treatment.

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