Start 2016 Looking After Your Smile

Christmas time with its parties and excess is almost getting to its end, the arrival of the new year is just around the corner and it is sure that good resolutions are going through your mind.

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 06/01/2016

Save money, start a healthier life or start playing any sport. What if we add improving our smile? Easy and healthy routines will help you to improve your oral health and show off a beautiful smile in 2016:

Smile 2

Stop smoking
Probably the most heard resolution ever. Tobacco, apart from its damaging effects to our whole body, including how our skin looks, is one of the agents that injure the most the aesthetics and health of our smile. It increases a appearance of caries, it stains the enamel, stimulates the retraction of gums and also it causes different illnesses in gums and throat, lung and mouth cancer.

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Fruits and veggies.
A good alimentation is fundamental to care about our oral health. Counting that a poor nutrition affects the whole immunologic system and it means increases the possible affections in gums like periodontal illness. The antioxidants we find in fruits, vegetables and some nuts, improve the capacity of our body to fight against bacteria and inflammation protecting this way teeth and gums. Remember that the intake of apples, carrots or celery, help to get rid of plaque and it refreshes bad breath.

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Daily hygiene.
Brushing your teeth at least two times a day (better after meals) and the use of dental floss every day, are key routines to prevent caries and gum illnesses caused by plaque. This layer covers the tooth and its full of bacteria that damage the enamel of the teeth. Gingivitis, characterized by bleeding gums, inflammation and red, can derivate in illness that with the right tooth brushing and the use of dental floss, can be avoided.

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Despite it is something we all know, the excessive consumption of alcohol not only damages health in general it also affects the health of your smile. Retraction of gums is one of the most common pathologies in people who take alcohol so often.

Smile 6

Visit your dentist.
One or two visits per years to your dentist can help you to prevent affections in your oral health before they cause major problems or they require complex and expensive treatment. In fact, in our clinic, we are specialized in the design of smiles, a new concept in oral health where we can get the perfect smile for each person, being protagonist the shape of the face, and physiognomy, and the colour and shape of lips and teeth.

In 2016 include a new resolution to your list. What better than starting the year with a beautiful and healthy smile?

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