Take Care of Your Smile and Say: Goodbye stress!

Work, daily routines, traffic congestions… There are hundreds of reasons why stress can appear.

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 01/07/2015
La falta de estrés facilita tener una sonrisa bonita
With less stress, more beautiful smile

Stress can cause different sort of complications in the mouth, from caries and bruxism to the appearance of cold sores when having a high tension moment. Because of this, we will explain the reason why being relaxed permits us keep a good quality life, mouth and smile included.

It is known that back or neck pain can be provoked by stress, same as it happens with heartburn or those horrible headaches. But… have you thought about the consequences that this stress can cause in your mouth? Cold sore outbreaks arrive in those moments of tension or full of complications, during those situations is when you wake up with jaw pain, due to the press and teeth grinding made when sleeping.

El bruxismo se corrige con una funda nocturna
A night cover reduces the effects of bruxism

Being under a stressful situation during a long period of time can provoke the appearance of caries. This happens because of a “domino effect”: stress makes the defense system to weaken and it leads into the diminution of saliva’s production. Having less amount of saliva involves an increase of the acids and they attack straightaway the enamel of our teeth, the natural layer that protects them. From this situation to the appearance of caries, there is just a step.

Talking about cold sore outbreaks, they can be reactivated in conjunction with bad breath (or halitosis) in a situation of higher stress. Despite cold sore disappears in a short period of time and bad breath isn’t serious but annoying, this can indicate the presence of some kind of jaw illness able to weaken the teeth. This is the reason why it is important to control and check, to know if it comes with any other symptom, like bitter taste in the mouth or redness in jaws (they have to look always pale pink).

El estrés está relacionado con la aparición de caries
Cavities are related to stress

Last but not least, stress is the main cause of bruxism, which means pressing and grinding our teeth inadvertently, especially at night. This constant pressure over the teeth, make them to weaken and wear. If this issue isn’t fixed on time, it is possible to get broken or fall down later. Normally, the treatment consists in the use of a ferula download during the sleeping hours. If you think this could be your case, ask your dentist, who will indicate you the best treatment.

Moreover, simple oral hygiene habits can help you to keep your teeth and your jaw, healthy for more time. Do not forget: brushing your teeth daily at least twice a day and always before bed time, the use of dental floss at least once a day, avoid sugars, do not smoke and visit your dentist regularly or at least once per year to get a deep cleaning and a good revision.

La higiene bucal es fundamental para evitar problemas
To avoid problems, it`s important good dental hygiene

With all this care, we just need to find a more relaxed life, with no tension or stress, risking your health. There are different ways to fight against stress, now that the summer time is here, take the advantage to free your mind and drive your day a day routine in a less stressing way, so you can keep a perfect smile.

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