The Top Ten of New Year’s Resolutions Is….

The Dermalux passive gymnastics is perfect.

Rosa Balsera. 27/01/2017

The Top Ten of New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. If the Kings did not bring you detox gifts, here are some options to enhance your figure and keep you active at the same time. The beauty expert, Carmen Navarro, gives us the keys to eliminating toxins: Passive gymnastics to detoxify the skin, Cleopatra bandages to reduce grease and the informed water bottle in addition to the latest technology are the best options.

El vendaje cleopatra incluye la envoltura con algas
The Cleopatra bandage includes the wrapping with algae

It contains 31 plants that, in contact with a combination of salts applied with a bandage and the physical principle of osmosis, achieve spectacular results. Its basic functions are seven to enhance our beauty and feel like the mythical Cleopatra.

  • Diuretics: Facilitates the removal of fluids, including people who drink the little water.
  • Draining: It facilitates the elimination of cellulite, purifies fluids and toxins and favors lymphatic circulation.
  • Detox: Neutralizes toxins and helps to eliminate them through the skin.
Así queda el vendaje Cleopatra
That’s the Cleopatra bandage
  • Lipolytic: The actives of some plants activate the enzyme lipase that promotes the elimination of fat.
  • Thermogenic: Increases internal heat, similar to radiofrequency.
  • Antioxidant: Free radicals. It improves the functionality of the dermis and hypodermis.
  • Tonic: Increases tissue elasticity. The skin looks more hydrated and toned.
Facial gymnastics will make us look scandalous

Dermalux facial gymnastics.
Get, thanks to its system of phototherapy, stimulate and rejuvenate especially after these days of excesses. The skin needs to be free of excess fat, tobacco and alcohol. The Dermalux passive gymnastics is perfect. Red light is absorbed potently by fibroblasts that increase the collagen and elastin synthesis of the skin leaving it softer and firmer. It also stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system to remove toxins and accelerate healing. With visible effects after treatment, the skin feels hydrated and with more light.

  • Increases synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • Reduce expression lines.
  • Improves skin tone and texture.
Botella i9
Bottle i9 practically makes magic with the properties of the water

And to complete the detox plan at home, drinking water is key, yes, with the water bottle informed i9. His heart carries a technology capable of restoring the original properties of water by revitalizing it and restoring its natural molecular structure, that of ‘living water.’ Backed by 30 years of research and innovation and over 90 international awards and recognitions, drinking water from the ‘i9’ bottle enhances the human energy field by 12% and reduces stress levels by 25% compared to Drink water from the bottle control. The best way to start the year with charged batteries.

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