This Christmas, Giving Away Oral Health is the Best Option

What could be better than the benefits that a healthy and attractive smile can give?

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 16/12/2015

There are just few days left for Christmas, a period of time full of family reunions, parties, social events and gifts that sometimes become difficult because of the time and effort that they require. Finding the perfect present is a hard task, mostly if our purpose is to find an alternative gift, innovative or vanguard. The last few years, giving beauty as a present has become a trend. From an innovative whitening treatment for a family member, to complex oral treatments or even dental aesthetic procedures.

Blanca Suárez luce una sonrisa de celebrity
Blanca Suarez has a celebrity smile

What kind of dental beauty and health can we give as a present?
Ultra natural micro-veneers. The new veneers imitate the texture of the natural enamel, with thin and less straight edges. It is a very original gift with a very fast procedure because the person getting the present has to go just two times to visit the dentist. At the first visit and after various diagnosis tests the design of the smile is done, so the patient can see and feel the final result of their new smile. Moreover, with the help and advice of the dentist they could choose the shape and colour of the teeth. One week later, the allocation process is done. It doesn’t require anaesthetic or carving the tooth so the session will be just 50 min approximately, depending on the amount of veneers they need. It is important to highlight that this kind of treatment isn’t recommended for people with non-aligned teeth.

Ahora puedes tener una sonrisa más blanca y por más tiempo
Now you can have a whiter and longer smile

Whiter teeth for longer.
We can also start the year with a lasting whiter smile and surprise your family and friends with an exclusive dental whitening. With this gift they could live a personalized and unique experience and show off radiant teeth. This treatment is done in just one session and after that they will have to use every night for one month, flexible moulds charged with peroxide of carbamide to empower the enamel. It is a really good option because there are a lot of people with colour modifications due to coffee, tobacco and wine.

¿Qué te parecía un spa para su sonrisa? Ya puedes regalarlo
Now you can give a spa for your smile

Relax and exclusive care for your smile.
Another option to encourage your loved ones is to start to awareness them about the importance of keeping a good oral hygiene with one of the most demanded treatments because of its success among patients, it is the deep oral cleaning called Dental SPA. It is done using ultrasounds, the application of EasyJet Pro, a compact whitening flow of crystals of bicarbonate and fluorine ending to avoid sensitiveness. Moreover, they could know the status of their smile thank to a complete revision with the necessary diagnosis tests.

La ortodoncia invisible, lo último para una boca de estrella
Non-visible orthodontics.

Non-visible orthodontics.
This treatment is a good investment for a gift and you will finish with the indecision of the person getting the present. It is an advanced system to align teeth and no one will notice it. It consists in a serial of aligners that modify the position of teeth in a way that can be imperceptible and that are designed with the ultimate virtual technology, the smile design, it gets adapted perfectly to the anatomy and facial characteristics of each patient. These aligners are combined with bioactive to get the perfect bit. Moreover you can take them off to eat which converts them in the most confortable treatment to show an immaculate smile in 2016.

Regalar una bonita sonrisa, lo mejor para esta Navidad
A smile is the best present this Christmas

Whatever option you choose, a smile is the best present this Christmas, it can change the life of a person and this is a happiness symptom for their loved ones.

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