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The Luxonomist. 20/05/2015
Wella 2
Autumn/Winter’15 – Unchartered Territories: The Seasonal Collection created by Wella Professionals Global Creative Directors Josh Wood and Eugene Souleiman represents a movement in rugged and raw hairstyles inspired by the elements.

Wella Professionals collaborated with a team of top creative artists, including Global Creative Directors, Eugene Souleiman (Styling) and Josh Wood (Color), to identify the future of hair, color and style for 2015. Encompassed within the TrendVision platform, each distinct trend celebrates unique pathways to inspire stylists. Offering hairdressers the opportunity to showcase their highest level of creativity and craftsmanship for over 11 years, TrendVision heroes the most skilled hairdressers, allowing them to compete for the chance to interpret Wella trends at International TrendVision, which will take place in Berlin later this year.

Anchored in the concept of ethereal beauty and purity, the Journey of Enlightenment is about celebrating individuality, redefining boundaries, and recreating textures and shapes that inspire inner beauty. The Journey of Enlightenment is the ultimate voyage of self-discovery as inner-beauty is brought to the surface and color and style are reduced to their most basic form. “It’s about breaking the rules by constructing and deconstructing the hair to create textures and pulsating shapes which bring the trend to life,” says Eugene.

Josh Wood identifies how altering color to embody an otherworldly hue establishes the look. “The color for S/S ‘15 has been deeply de-saturated to its purest level. I’ve created a really pared back, light blonde which has been distilled to the purest white and a de-pigmented cognac brunette which is minimal, yet premium, typifying the luxury that S/S ‘15 is all about.”

The Journey of Enlightenment trend is detectable throughout Eugene Souleiman’s Spring/Summer fashion week shows, most notably at Issey Miyake during Paris Fashion Week. Featuring a combination of fluid shapes and soft textures, the hair structure evoked a delicate, otherworldly innocence. Eugene composed a hair veil that hung over models’ faces and a floating bob at the back of the head. “The overall hair look has a certain fluidity that perfectly complements the collection,” said Eugene.

Wella 1
Wella S/S 2015 & Wella A/W 2015/16

Inspired by nature’s hand in styling, A/W ‘15 recreates a new frontier: a strong, untamed beauty with the raw spirit of the untouched. Born from functional environmental needs, the Uncharted Territory trend untaps fresh beauty crafted by the elements, and fuses individual heritages into an idiosyncratic ethnic mix. From a styling standpoint, “This look is all about finish and is a melting and blending of textures,” says Eugene. The uniqueness of each hairstyle alludes to the bold confidence and individuality the movement inspires.

Josh Wood shares his vision of the color perspective for this trend, “This season embodies a trend which has evolved rather than arrived. We’ve seen pastels, but the big difference is that these could have been created by the elements. The color has become faded and eroded so it looks muted and subdued; raw, earthy, marbled colors referencing veins in rock, minerals and ice.”

Wella 3
Autumn/Winter Unchartered Territories: The Haute Couture Collection for A/W’15 features an artistic interpretation of the elements inspired by texture.

At Esteban Cortezar A/W ‘15 Eugene combined abundant texture with spontaneity, to create a raw, elemental and beautifully broken look. “The soft organic textures and shapes of the hair after it has been unbraided work well with this collection as it is more primal and raw. We finished the look with a wet fringe as if the girl has just emerged from the humidity of the Amazon jungle, and this contrast between wet and dry brings drama and modernity to the look,” describes Eugene Souleiman.

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