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A genuine fashion trend, beards are undergoing a transformation towards a cleaner look that calls for a full set of specific products. We select the essentials among Spanish brands.

The Luxonomist. 01/04/2016

The mustache is the new beard. At least that’s what grooming gurus are predicting in view of the current sea of hipsters with ever-flowing facial hair. They even compare it to women’s rouge, as though they were meant to attract stares and call attention to one of the most sensual parts of the face…

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Caring for beards requires a precise set of shampoos, oils and brushes.

Although for the time being the beard is keeping its status as a symbol of masculinity, what we’re starting to see is a gradual shift toward a cleaner countenance. The lumberjack look is making way for short, neat and closely trimmed beards. And caring for beards requires a precise set of shampoos, oils and brushes.

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Barba Azul Pack – Barba Oak. Click to buy

As a result, men’s grooming is having its day in the sun. Classic brands are going digital, capitalizing on the value of tradition amid the growing number of specialist e-commerce boutiques like Barba Azul and Cuida Tu Barba. That holds particularly true for Casa Ciutad, a comb and beard specialist since 1924.

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Beard Serum LEA / Beard Shampoo LEA. Click to buy

Their handcrafted boar bristle brushes are basic tools for untangling millennial beards. Productos LEA have been around for nearly 200 years and are a leader in the classic and modern grooming sector in the European market. Their beard Shampoo and Serum are quintessential for proper beard upkeep and contain vitamin E, argan, calendula and Abyssinian oils.

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Malayerba. Click to buy

Nostalgia for all things retro is the common denominator among the latest trends and products. Malayerba, located in the heart of Madrid’s trendy Malasaña neighborhood, brings back the barbershop tradition of the fifties. Olivia Soaps has developed its own line of artisanal products for beard care made entirely of natural materials.

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Castizo and Santa Barba. Click to buy

Its top-selling item is the Monteleón beard and mustache wax. Castizo is also getting in on the action with its natural and environmentally friendly concoctions, as evidenced by its Tropical Mint Beard Wash and Conditioner.Santa Barba approaches beard grooming as a lifestyle and offers full-on kits containing natural and vegan products developed with jojoba, avocado, olive, argan, almond and castor oils.

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The Macho Beard Co. Click to buy

The Macho Beard Co. motto is “Beards+Love+Rock’n’roll!” Its beard-boosting ‘Lumberjack Growing’ oil is prescribed for “tough guys in search of championship-grade beards.”

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