Witchcraft and Style: The Rising Silent Fashion

As Merlin the legendary tutor of King Arthur approaches his millennial birthday (he was born 980 year ago) and the world becomes unstable enough to push mortals into spirituality, fashion absorbs the mood and begins to reflect wizardry in its choice of colors, cuts and styles.

Bisila Bokoko. 24/04/2017

Positive impact upon earnings has moved the beauty industry to take heed and follow course. The first sign of the magical turn dubbed by Madison Avenue New Age is hair styling. Most stylists keep a client record that includes the color formula, the dates of the most recent cut and the moon phases so as to schedule reshaping and trimming during new moon for those that desire abundant hair and in crescent for those desiring their hair to grow long. The queen of this new trade is Adriana Rizzolo «The Hair Witch» of Los Angeles. She is a hair stylist and yoga teacher in Los Angeles who chants in Sanskrit.

Adriana Rizzolo, «The Hair Witch» of Los Angeles.

She offers «Haircut and Healing treatments». She commutes to Manhattan every 8 weeks to treat her growing clientele. Moon showered shampoos are the growing preference for Millennials. Nails decorated with interstellar designs and treated with magic potions to make them strong are a growing preference among young people.

Adriana Rizzolo hair stylist (Photo: adrianarizzolo.com)

Apparel followed with asymmetrical cuts for blouses; jackets; shirts and T-shirts. Tubular skirts reminding dragonflies came next while capes and ponchos have made a strong debut on the recently elapsed runways that celebrated fashion weeks in New York, Milan and Hong Kong.

Adriana Rizzolo hair stylist (Photo: adrianarizzolo.com)

Textiles have also experienced the magic touch. Natural fibers with silk turned into an input to soften cotton wool and linen lead creations by masters of fashion. Silk has magical properties as it is the only material produced by living beings that leave their juices in a plant. This conveys silk magical properties that are supposed to bring abundance to the bearers of silk clothing. Colors, of course, have to do with their capacity to transmit energy and to absorb good omens:

  • Blue stands for wisdom
  • Green for harmony
  • Purple for communication with the universe
  • Yellow for wellbeing
  • Red for passion.
  • Black is protection against unwanted energies.
  • And white is the color of peace.
Adriana Rizzolo hair stylist (Photo: adrianarizzolo.com)

Clothing must be worn with stone accessories to enhance the energy and beneficial properties of textures and colors. Again, each stone brings a beneficial influence.

  • Amethyst protects from bad energies.
  • Citrine promotes imagination.
  • Emerald brings abundance.
  • Rubies arise passion.
  • Tiger Eye promotes grounding.
  • Tanzanite is the stone for wholeness.
  • Rose Quartz brings love.
  • Sapphires bring focus and discipline.
Adriana Rizzolo hair stylist (Photo: adrianarizzolo.com)

Yet another must for those that have embraced magic into their lives is spells. Spells are sold massively over the internet and come in two kinds: off the self and custom made. Off the shelf spells sell for an average price of US $40 per 10 ounces’ bottles and cover a wide variety that include love; make me pretty; abundance; health and happiness.

Adriana Rizzolo hair stylist (Photo: adrianarizzolo.com)

Custom made are specific to a situation that needs redressing or to prevent bad influences from entering one’s life. Total sales of spells in the US represent a sizable market of between 80M and 100M. Matching clothes with accessories and spells and learning what colors to wear what days of the week or phases of the moon is a growing craft that already employs over 25,000 in the US representing a market of about US $ 100M and growing!!!

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