“Sex and the City 2 Helped to Position my Brand”

We spoke with Adriana Castro, architect of jewelry leather goods that have conquered to celebrities from all over the world.

Adriana Rey. 14/03/2016

Elegant, discreet, refined and simple. With these four adjectives we can define one of the most important designers in the sector of the US leather goods. She is Adriana Castro, a Colombian girl born in Barranquilla Colombia 33 years ago, but US resident from the 17.

The word is her destiny and the tradition (and a lot of planes) carries her discreet luxury around dozens of countries, although Morocco is her favorite place to get lost, to escape… United States, Colombia, Saudi Arabia and Spain are some of the countries where Adriana sells her designs. Art pieces that were worn by “Samantha” and Carry” in “Sex and the city 2”.

Gala González / Kendall Jenner / Eva Longoria

Leather that also wear celebrities like Olivia Palermo, Kendall Jenner, Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, Shakira, Jennifer López, or international bloggers like Gala González. Is important to say that all products are part of a sustainable use program that benefit people and wildlife and contribute to breed another animal into the wildlife. Also all the designs are under the supervision of the Colombian Ministry of Natural Resources and the CITIES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). You can pay for them, from $150 until almost $4000.

Modelo Mini Carrie en color cognac
Mini Carrie model

It was a night in a restaurant in Greenwich neighborhood, in Manhattan, when I had the opportunity to meet my namesake and the truth is that I didn’t need a lot of time to appreciate its exquisite taste for detail. Adriana Castro create handbags but also images. She communicates without logos, but always with the exclusivity that gives her own initials. Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, o The New York Times, have talked about the amazing Adriana Castro career. One of the goals of Adriana Castro is will be “wife, mother and professional” because she, like Coco Chanel, will never give up.

El modelo satchel en piel de cocodrilo puede alcanzar los 4.000 euros
Satchel model 

The Luxonomist: How is your beginning in the fashion world? 
Adriana Castro: When I was a child, I always dreamed of being surrounded by fashion. Surrounded by fabrics, furs and people related to this wonderful universe. It is something that has always fascinated me. I studied economics in ‘ Purdue University ‘ and when I finished, I realized I wanted that ,with what I dreamed to be part of my routine.  I decided to study design accessories in the ‘ Miami International University of Art and Design’. Those who knows me, knows that I have a definite style. I love neutral color, I love stripes, ‘ polka dots ‘ and I love the handbags. For me, the handbags are a sort of «magic wand» that has the power to completely transform a look. So, evaluating the market and seeing that there was no brand that worked with discreet luxury, I decided it was the perfect time to create my own brand and in 2008 Adriana Castro was born.

Adriana se declara fan de los colores neutros y las rayas
Adriana is a fan of the neutral colors and stripes

TL: Could yoy talked me about your Adriana Castro spring-summer 2016 inspirated in Spain?
AC: Sure! This collection is a reflection of my love for Spain. Through the colors we capture landscapes and sunsets like Ibiza, moles reminiscent of flamenco dresses  and combinations of textures and tones are a reflection of the contrasts of the exquisite streets and architecture of this country. Our proposals combine silhouettes and classic prints like stripes and neutral colors (black , white and cognac), with vibrant blues and oranges. There are also several new and unexpected combinations skins.

La inspiración de Adriana viene de todas sus vivencias
The inspiration of Adriana comes from all of their experiences

TL: How is the production of your designs?
AC: The inspiration clearly comes first. When I think about the background of the collection that I am going to create, shapes and skins begin to reach my mind. There begins the search process materials and often travel to Italy to choose skins, in fact I work closely with Italian craftsmen to paint some skins by hand. Once the skins are already in the Atelier Adriana Castro in Barranquilla, manufacturing time can be 7 days for a single bag. Everything is handmade. Luxury redefined. Is true that when the prototype of a bag is made for the first time, the time may be 30 days considering that many first tests made with other materials, before moving on to skin.

Las protagonistas de 'Sex and the City' luciendo bolsos de Adriana Castro
The stars of ‘Sex and the City’ wearing Adriana Castro bags

TL: What or who inspires you?
AC: Everything inspires me. Every trip, every experience, every smell, sounds, each landscape, my adventures , love and even heartbreak . Every bit of my life my way to create brand. Everything inspires me. Every trip, every experience, every smell, sounds, each landscape, my adventures, love and even heartbreak. Every bit of my life inspires me to create. In my career, it was something very important for me, that it was when “Sex and the City 2” chose my handbags for the film.

TL: How did it help in your career?
AC: The fact that one of the most important stylist of the fashion world had chosen my designs to complement the looks of the protagonists of the film was a unique experience and that helped me to position my brand. Not only it helped with the celebs, in the sence that more celebrities were interested in my work, also I opened many doors in new countries.

Modelo Mini Carriel en blanco y negro con topos
Mini Carriel model

TL: We have seen  the Kardashian sisters, Olivia Palermo, Shakira, or Eva Longoria with your designs…
AC: Yes, some of them see my work and the designs that interest them. Others, I have come by friends in common, but especially for stylists or personal shoppers.

Celebrities como Jennifer López o Kendall Jenner también lucen sus diseños
Jennifer López and Kendall Jenner also look your designs

TL: Which one is your next step?
AC: Right now, I ‘m looking to continue positioning the brand internationally, in order to get a recognized worldwide as luxury leather goods. Also in the future, I want to  expand the product line. Adriana Castro universe is composed by handbags, but also you can find different accesories in my official site.

Bandolera en negro, azul y rayas, los colores protagonistas de la colección SS 2016
Black and blue, protagonists of the SS 2016 collection

TL: Also you have a blog, eldiariodelamoda.com What can you tell me about it?
AC: After throwing my brand I realized that I wanted to communicate not only through my fashion designs, also wanted to do it through words. eldiariodelamoda.com was born in 2010. At first, I created the blog as an outlet to share my routine, my looks, my favorite products … etc . Something out of the role of designers, something more personal. Now, you can find fashion and beauty tips, the latest trends, red carpet, fashion shows and news. I have a cool and them together make this dream possible.

Kim Kardashian con dos bolsos Adriana Castro
Kim Kardashian with two Adriana Castro bags

TL: How is the life of a blogger?
AC: First of all I must say that I do not consider me a blogger, even though I have a blog in effect. I’m a lover designer fashion and beauty, the blog is a way to show the world my other facets, while reporting the latest happening in the industry. Be unique, original, good taste , love fashion and beauty and of course be very creative. Create images (most of time in Instagram ) goes beyond the » I » as a person. It is to share experiences, places, meals, outfits, it is a whole.

Modelo Anka Satchel en piel de cocodrilo naranja
Anka Satchel model.

TL: And how is your daily routine?
AC: My day starts early with an exercise routine and a good breakfast. After that infallible appointment, I prepare the events of the day and my schedule has everything. If I’m not researching, designing or exploring new materials and sources of inspiration, I am attending appointments of the brand, or of the blog: Travel, events , advertising campaigns , fashion shows, etc.

Bolso oscuro en piel de pitón
Dark Python leather bag

TL: Which are your must to take care your health and your beauty routines?
AC: I love exercise and maintain a healthy diet. I dont’t do it just for my appearance , I really care about my welfare. I love doing detox often, especially with juices- , I love spa and I try to sleep 8 hours , at least when I can.

TL: Which is your daily luxury? 
AC: My daily luxury is dressed and complement the outfit with one of my handbags. I love fashion and play with colors and shapes, this is definitely a luxury.

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