Feel Pretty as you Battle

Thanks to the huge pink ribbon campaign has made great progress in prevention, detection, investigation, treatment, care and awareness of breast cancer and those who suffer it.

One of the slogans that have permeated deeply was the famous «because I’m worth it» by L’Oreal. I love to paraphrase and get juice of it, I repeat very often in my business with my team and with my friends, I like to say «because you’re worth it» and I’m deeply convinced that we are each unique and unrepeatable, such as the other and  all of us  have something to contribute. It is one of my leitmotiv. In summary, the title of today’s article. I think such a big treasure arrives to thrill me. 

I know very closely, as practically all of you, the emotional and physical stages that a woman passes for cancer and specifically for breast cancer. Today I want to put on your shoes or your friend´s to the protagonist will  really but the style of the queens of the best stories, always struggling, victorious, sexy, gorgeous and very elegant.

Zapatos Manolo Blahnik y llavero Valentino. Haz clic para comprar
Manolo Blahnik Pump, special Edition breast cancer / Valentino, Keychain. Click to buy

Grabs the keys to your new life going on this Valentino keychain, put on your the «Manolo’s» and start the tour! I propose a lot of clothes so that at all times you’re attractive and ideal right now you’re going through this special times. Who said size complex changes, aesthetic problems, or anything? Forget them. There are have vanished! Think only positive, in your recovery and how much we all support you. Don´t hesitate to contact me, it will be a pleasure attending your! 

Roberto Cavalli Kaftán / Marina Rinaldi. Pant . Click to buy

This outfit is composed of a kaftan by Roberto Cavalli that I have chosen to keep you comfortable at all times even if you take the drain since it will not be noticed, even has a few more transparent regions but not the key areas, especially if you wear a Lycra t-shirt from the empire of Mr. Amancio Ortega – owner of Inditex. Olé for solidarity entrepreneurs! I´m speaking completely seriously.- , a basic of which you can not have less than 4 in a normal wardrobe. The black pants are by Marina Rinaldi there until size 64. Impeccable as always are of excellent quality and comfy to wait in the office, treatments, etc.

Pretty Ballerinas, Breast Cancer design 2015 / Loewe Shopper bag . Click to buy

Pretty Ballerinas make each year a charity model to support the association AMYCO against breast cancer, allocates 10% of its sales to the association for research of  breast cancer and improve the welfare and support those women affected by this sickness.

I propose you an idea. Put all information concerning your testing documentation, medical appointments, history, etc. in a bag and use it only when you must go to the doctor or the treatments do not bring anything from there, only includes your wallet, mobile phone and keys, so you will not miss anything and you will not find anything «uncomfortable» when it is time to ignore it.

Max Mara Coat / Ines gloves, long leather gloves. Click to buy

To do this we have chosen this Loewe bag black shopper going great with the pink coat and brown Max Mara, and cries a long leather gloves in the style of Olivia Pope, it’s time to treat yourself! I have chosen you in gray. But in many colors you have on the website of Ines gloves.

SUNGLASSES. You may not have to go through hair loss because you do not need chemo or because you do not lose it but it is very likely that you become more photosensitive. Sunlight, though clarity is the cloudy weather-will disturb more. Therefore it becomes virtually indispensable sunglasses. I have chosen these oversize light color for cloudy days also can wear it and without any metal accesorie for you do not reflect flashes bother you.

Gafas de sol oversize de Max Mara
Max Mara, Oversize sun glasses. Click to buy

COSMETICS. Increase your sunscreen cosmetics, avoid staining. Avoid perfume spray or drops, mainly with hints of bergamot scented talcum powder and apply on other lines. If there is a brand for recommend it´s  Estee Lauder! Look at the product line that have launched on the occasion of the celebration of the month of the fight against breast cancer. I encourage you to visit  their website and see the great campaign that they have organized under the theme this year: «together we are stronger» so you see that far from being alone, there are millions of people like you and many people working seriously and skin you are left with all the gusto of the world. From here, you can make donations directly.

Campaña contra el cáncer de mama de Estée Lauder. Haz clic para comprar
Estee Lauder campaign, together we are stronger. Click to buy

SCARVES,CAPS, HATS AND TURBANS. Certainly Valentino have greater variety of scarves  . Do not buy all scarves in silk  , you will sweat, they will slide, you can be a little uncomfortable at times. Buy any of cotton.

Belle Fare Mink hat / Valentino Scarf / Pen Mayne, Fedora Hat. Click to buy

The burgundy turban by Valentino is spectacular, if you also adorn with a clasp on one side you can be beautiful for cualqier event. The mink cap is all of those things that we want to have ever. It may sting a little but get yourself a mesh, nobody will notice.

Valentino scarf will come in handy at any time, has a very modern design and almost all colors of the season. Stole you will look great at dinner and meals  for Christmas. Mayne Pen hat in gray with lace strip is also a safe bet, anywhere can find more models of excellent quality and design.

Estola y pañuelo de Valentino. Haz clic para comprar
Valentino StoleValentino Turban. Click to buy

On this web and in youtube  you will see a thousand and one ways to tie your scarf, but fortunately there are more than  days of treatment. If you love to wear a hat and let frills here’s a web super practical. I promise another article where I will speak about lingerie and swimwear.

HISTORY PINK RIBBON. Let a little memory of these 23 years. In 1992 Alexandra Penny and Evelyn Lauder-in those moments editor of Self and vice president of Estée Lauder, respectively – joined for Awareness Breast Cancer and created the ribbon, but they realized that there was already a ribbon in USA in peach color that was sold by a former breast cancer patient who had fought and beaten the disease: Charlotte Hayley.

Cruciani, Bracelet against breast cancer /  Pandora, Charms against breast cancer. Click to buy

Charlotte also added to their bows a card that said: «The annual budget of the National Cancer Institute is 1.8 billion US dollars and only 5% is intended for cancer prevention. Help us wake up our legislators and America, using this ribbon.» They offered to join them, but Charlotte refuses to consider the offer too commercial.

Evelyn Lauder and Alexandra Penney assigned pink color  to their ribbon, in addition to his enormous personal and professional experience, and the economic empire of  Estée Lauder involved and began working with the aim of raising awareness about the disease, raise funds for research its cause, prevention, treatment and cure.

El lazo rosa se ha hecho universal
The pink ribbon has become universal

In 2006 Samantha King wrote a book in which she says in summary that a serious personal pain and illness -I do not know if there will be any funny – to become a marketing industry survival and an outpouring of philanthropy unprecedented stifling efforts prevention, public health and so-called research. I’m a little tired of people who instead of contribute, talk.

Especially they criticize private companies, which in this case is very clear has made an enormous social and economic work at all levels including the political, there is no more to look at the case of the United States (although it is at the level of all countries greater or lesser extent within their means). The National Breast Cancer Foundation donates more than 50 scholarships of $ 40,000 each, to clinics and hospitals around the country to subsidize mammograms for uninsured. In total it has paid 130,000 mammograms.

Coco Lee, after her breast cancer.

Ms. King and her book reminds me  the case published about both knew that minister of Science and Technology who cut grants for cancer research in Spain and when a private fund composed of several Spanish businessmen was  created with 1 billion euros said that she wanted to manage it from the government, but she did not hesitate to take pictures with my dear Rosalia Mera and her  ship Research potential resources of the seabed for the pharmaceutical industry!

Manolo Blahnik, invitation card.

Estee Lauder have joined many other major brands in the world of luxury principle and also the consumer. All are welcome! I would love to mention all but fortunately it is impossible: Manolo Blahnik, Cruciani, Pandora, Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Avon, Komen…. Ausonia in  Spain is the undisputed leader who joined the Spanish Association Against and he has supported cancer research of Doctors Javier Menendez and Samuel Seoane.

But this is also a movement in social networks, where you can find information about prevention of breast cancer and a «Pink Book», with testimony from affected directly and indirectly where you can participate. The pink ribbon also represents the fight against premature birth, the cure for birth defects and childhood cancer awareness.

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