The Panjshir Emeralds

Aria Panjshir Emeralds are known for their vibrant color, clarity, larger size and sold through trusted sales channels, private auctions.

The Luxonomist. 02/04/2015
Aria Gems offers emerald lots for sale. Lots can be customised to meet your needs for size. Aria Gems offers the option to custom cut gemstone lots. The Aria Gems cutting facility is in Fargo, North Dakota.

Aria Gems, an American-Afghan company, has become the largest company to legally export Panjshir Emeralds to global markets.  Panjshir Emeralds, named for the valley in the Province of Panjshir where they are mined, have long been prized for their vibrant green color, clarity and historically described as «greener than green». Geographic terrain and political situation have made it difficult to access these rare gems. Aria Gems, with its deep ties to the Panjshir Valley community, changed the game.

Formed in 2009 by Forrest Snowden and two Elders from Panjshir Valley, Abdul Habib Mohibi and the late Jamil Mohibi, Aria Gems works directly with miners to source quality emeralds that meet Aria Gems’ stringent quality control for color, clarity and size. Branded as Aria Panjshir Emeralds, these emeralds are sold directly through Aria Gems’ trusted channel of partners and private auctions.

Aria Gems

Aria Gems oversees each precious stone providing a complete chain of custody and provenance.

  • Shipped – over 5,000 carats (2014)
  • Mining – With local artisanal miners in harsh climate, steep terrain
  • Logistics – Security, shipping, Afghan and international customs:
    • Managed jointly with a leading secure logistics company
      • 20,000+ carats per year
      • Sophisticated computer modeling to create more brilliant cutsCutting – Full Service Cutting Operations in Fargo, North Dakota, USA

Aria Gems, an American-Afghan company, is the world’s leading source of Panjshir Emeralds and producer of Aria Panjshir Emeralds. Aria Gems has representation in 12 major cities across 4 countries. Aria Panjshir Emeralds are known for their vibrant color, clarity, larger size and sold through trusted sales channels, private auctions. As a vertically integrated company, Aria Gems oversees the entire process from mining, cutting, shipping, sales and marketing, with cutting operations based in Fargo, North Dakota.

David S. Epstein, renowned emerald expert and author of «The Gem Merchant», will be managing Aria Auctions and developing a quality grading system for the emeralds. «We have not yet even begun to tap the potential of Afghan precious deposits», says Forrest Snowden, referring to the U.S. Geological Survey’s assessment of non-fuel minerals and gemstone deposits in Afghanistan valued in trillions of US Dollars. Forrest foresees Aria Gems playing a role in the rebuilding of Afghanistan with Afghans benefiting from their natural resources.


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