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The Docanto’s family DNA contains the sea, Galicia region and 100% artisan canned fish.

Pilar Ferrández. 22/01/2015
Conservas La Pureza
Conservas La Pureza
La Pureza. clic to buy

Since 1924 they own La Pureza brand, which sells a bonito tuna in olive oil that is worth to be discovered. During almost a century the small familiar Company La Pureza has produced canned fish and seafood from the Cantabrian Sea just using artisanal methods. The factory was founded by Vicente Docanto in 1924 in the small Galician town of Cariño, in the beautiful Ortegal Cape. Today is owned by the third generation of the Docanto family, which keeps alive the philosophy of the founder: preserving fish of high quality with the utmost care in yellow tins.

With a population of barely 5.000 people, Cariño was home, in the 60’s of around 20 fish canning factories. Nowadays just two of them survive: La Jira and and Conservas de Pescados La Pureza S.L, where 25 employees elaborate salted and canned fished products, such as anchovies, garfish, conger eel, Atlantic horse mackerel, little sardines and ling in olive oil, mussels in brine…

Without any doubt, bonito -albacore tuna- in olive oil is the flagship product of the Company. La Pureza produces per year 300.000 tins of bonito, a fish considered the King of the Cantabrian sea because of its pinkish white flesh, intense taste and delicate texture. This figure represents almost half of the total production of the factory. “We use just the best fish and seafood and apply traditional methods, without adding any additive. We manufacture the products with a lot of care, by hand, ensuring a maximum quality result, offering the consumer tinned products that taste almost as home-made preserved food”, explains Ana Docanto, granddaughter of the founder.

Conservas La Pureza
La Pureza

The brand production of some species is very limited, because it depends on each year campaign and season. The priority is to reach always the best quality. The final destination of La Pureza products is the Spanish market, taking into account that the company do not export nowadays to any other country.

Economic crisis has affected the company figures, but La Pureza has managed to maintain an annual income of around 1.5 million euro in the last few years. La Pureza has a shop in Cariño but, despite its distribution in some delicatessen and gourmet shops around Spain, until now it was not easy to find its yellow tins. For this reason it is good news that that the brand has just opened an e-commerce in its renovated website.

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