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Top gallerists bring unprecedented european arts and antiques selling exhibition to New York City.

The Luxonomist. 27/10/2015

Three world-renowned European galleries – Brimo de LaroussilheAlessandra di Castro and Galerie Kugel– have joined forces to showcase an unprecedented collaborative selling exhibition of fine art and antiquities at a historic venue in Manhattan. This extraordinary event, is the debut of each gallery in the United States, and the first time that their masterpieces have been exhibited together.

Art 1
Alessandra Di Castro, Nicolas Kugel, Marie-Amélie Carlier and Alexis Kugel. Click for more information

With works ranging from Ancient Rome to the 19th Century, this exhibition communicates that great works of museum-quality art can be purchased with confidence when the reputation of the gallery provides a guarantee of authenticity and quality. Having passed the test of time and the discerning eye of these connoisseurs, the objects presented are sure to expand any visitor’s perspective and initiate new dialogues between contrasting periods and styles.

Art 2
European Arts & Antiques Selling Exhibition, New York City (Photo: Elizabeth Lippman)

As art world leaders and long-time friends, the three galleries bring to New York their respective passions, accompanied by academic art historical research and documentation. By presenting a wide-ranging mix of masterpieces, many of which never-before shown in the United States, their aim is to spread enthusiasm and welcome both aspiring and established collectors to discover, or rediscover, the wonders of European art.

Art 3
Tête d’ange, Bourges, vers 1400 (Photo: Brimo de Laroussilhe). Click for more information

«Alessandra and Marie-Amelie are two of the world’s most sought-after gallerists, and they also happen to be dear friends,» said Alexis Kugel, of Galerie Kugel. «We have spoken about an interesting way to work together for many years. The result is this unique collaboration that brings us out of our home cities and into an entirely new environment.» Commented Nicolas Kugel, «By joining forces with Brimo and Di Castro, we are able to bring an exceptionally diverse offering of fine art to New York, breaking down the barriers of segmentation that so often exists in the art world.»

Art 4
Giovanni Antonio Paracca da Valsoldo the Younger, known as Il Valsoldino. (active in Rome between 1597 and 1646) Bacchus / Giovanni Beltrami (Cremona, 1770 – 1854) Romeo and Juliet’s Last Adieu. Click for more information

«Selling exhibitions of this nature are a rarity,» said Alessandra Di Castro. «While we have always maintained an important relationship with both American museums and collectors, it is our hope that with this showing, we can open a dialogue with a broader audience.» «Additionally, we hope to impress upon emerging collectors that it is, in fact, possible to own museum-quality works of art when they are made accessible through a credible source, with a guarantee of authenticity,» added Marie-Amelie Carlier, of Brimo de Laroussilhe. The exhibition opens at Academy Mansion, located at 2 East 63rd Street, New York, NY, on October 14th toOctober 30th.

(Featured Image Galerie Kugel)

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