Exclusivity University is Called Princeton

Two Spaniards who lived in United States explain why Princeton is considered one of the best universities in the world.

Adriana Rey. 11/04/2016

US university education is still one step ahead from the rest of the world. Thousands of academics and researchers found here a field without limitations helps fill the country and leading universities full of Nobel Prizes. One of them is Princeton, the same that currently ranks number one in the National Ranking of best private universities published annually by U.S. News & World Report. Located in an enviable location, just an hour from New York and Philadelphia, Princeton still standing today ahead of such prestigious institutions as Harvard, Yale or Columbia, but what makes him so prestigious ? What are their distinguishing features?

La universidad está a una hora de Nueva York
Princeton is located just an hour from New York and Philadelphia

First I must say that we are talking about one of the centers most strives to enrich themselves with the different experiences of everyone who is part of this institution. This university has a study program that lets you explore infinite combinations of disciplines and then specialize in a particular field. Arts, literature, engineering, biology, neuroscience, architecture, philosophy…

Casa de Einstein, uno de los más famosos profesores de esta universidad
House of Einstein, one of the most famous teachers of this University

The offer is high and the level of demand as well. Excellent curriculum in the United States begins to count since you are born (the same daycare center have attended can become a highlight), languages ​are essential and of course all social activities or leadership outside academia (such as sports or collaboration with certain foundations).

Profesores ilustres dan clases en Princeton
A university where dozens Nobel Awards have given and are giving class right now

Candidates are studied to the millimeter, so much so that the ratio of admitted is around 9 % of applicants . An exclusivity that is also reflected in the costs considering that a course can exceed $ 40,000 although it is true that 60 % of students at Princeton receive scholarships to finance their studies (they can go up to $ 50,000 depending the income of the applicant’s family). In the field of doctorates for example, the same applies: «If you have a good idea, if you have a project, you know you ‘re going to give the necessary support to do so. Here you feel yourself intellectually respected».

Mercedes Valmisa, una de las españolas que está realizando su doctorado en Princeton
Mercedes Valmisa, one of the Spanish that is doing her doctorate at Princeton

This is Mercedes. Sevillana 33 years old, she has out of Spain 11 years, after living in China, Taiwan and now the United States. Speaks Spanish, English, French, Chinese and Japanese, in addition to reading ancient Chinese (equivalent to the Latin for Spanish people). Mercedes is finishing her doctorate in the Department of East Asian Studies and recounts her experiences with passion but also with a certain pity for the role in this area assumes our country.

No es fácil entrar en Princeton, sólo unos pocos lo consiguen
Candidates are studied to the millimeter

«In Spain you feel completely alone, there is neither support nor interest», Mercedes says. A shared complaint by Toni, molecular biologist who denounced the university intermarriage: «In our country it is hurting the two fundamental pillars of society, research and education. People who do not leave the same university will not produce cutting-edge research in any case».

Cuenta con seis residencias, un teatro y amplias instalaciones deportivas
There are six university residences and private theater

Quite the contrary to what happens in Princeton, starting with their teachers. We talk about a university where dozens Nobel Awards have given and are giving class right now: Mario Vargas Llosa or Angus Deaton continue to share their wisdom and others like the scientist Albert Einstein, or the mathematician John Nash will always be remembered.

«Being a legend, Nash ate every day in the dining room with students and talked with them. It was easy to see him. Obviously this is one of the things that encourages and motivates young people. In Princeton, the access to your scientific or academic idols is total. You can go to their office to discuss a topic of interest to both parties,» Toni reveals.

Dr. Celià, uno de los españoles más prestigiosos de Princeton
Dr. Celià, one of the most prestigious Spanish at Princeton

He is 33 years and his career promises: Works in Princeton investigating the metastasis of breast cancer, besides teaching of «Molecular basis of cancer» and «Steam cells and Cancer». His laboratory is one of the most prestigious: «Here you have all the resources you want. You’ll be able to do any experiment you can think of, there are no limitations,» he says proudly.

Part of exclusivity and luxury of Princeton is not only to rub elbows with the brightest minds in the world, but also those minds can develop freely because nobody puts them limits. It should be remembered that there are parameters established in the US Constitution that do not reduce the budget for research. Whatever government comes to power, money for R & D is untouchable and today exceeds 3% of GDP.

Los alumnos tienen libertad para investigar y crear
Students have the freedom to investigate and create

Besides all this, Princeton University has one of the highest budgets with more than 13 billion dollars (part of this amount is invested in its Art Museum, a huge building with paintings by Goya, Monet, or Warhol, among many others). Also, Princeton University has one of the highest budgets with more than 13 billion dollars (part of this amount is invested in its Art Museum, a huge building with paintings by Goya, Monet, or Warhol, among many others). Spread over 500 acres in which there are 6 university residences, private theater and a huge sports offer to over 7,000 students at all times defend his team exclusivity, the Princeton Tigers.

A feeling that also US presidents James Madison and Woodrow Wilson, in addition to the current first lady , Michelle Obama experienced in their student years. They were also part of this experience was born in 1746 and called ‘Princeton University ‘.

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