The Most Extravagant Holidays

According to the 'Daily Mail' billionaires in the Middle East spent about 250,000 pounds in decorating their homes this holiday season, a figure that we can not miss unnoticed!

Nathalie Biain Ladera. 19/01/2017

Christmas is for the most of us, a thing of the past, but in the case of the wealthy and famous is different. While we are picking up the tree, ordering the house and back to the routine; They prepare to surprise with the gifts and the decoration of the next Christmas. According to the ‘Daily Mail’ billionaires in the Middle East spent about 250,000 pounds in decorating their homes this holiday season, a figure that we can not miss unnoticed!

Fifi with Santa Claus and his own custom Kelly

There is no doubt that children are the real protagonists of these holidays and, as far as gifts are concerned, the descendants of wealthy and famous are the most fortunate. For example, the daughter of former Formula One President Tamara Ecclestone received a Kelly bag from Hermès personalized with her face and that of her little Sophia Ecclestone Rutland, also known as Fifi, in the form of a caricature. We are sure that Santa Claus left it under the impressive personalized tree that they decorated in his house with the favorite personages of the small one: Frozen and the princesses of Disney.

Among the activities he has done is skiing in Gstaad, one of Switzerland’s most exclusive villages.

Among the activities that this young VIP has done during the holidays include skiing, long walks with her pony or preparing cupcakes and gingerbread houses next to her mother. Fifi is a very lucky girl, since, on December 25, Santa gave him the gifts he had requested. As if this were not enough, the Ecclestone family organized a snow themed party where they enjoyed the snowy mountain environment but in a closed and warm place fit for the whole family.

Discover all Stevendon Brothers rocker horses from here.

And if we talk about unique gifts (whether for the next Christmas or any event this year) we should think of a rocking horse. If we also want it to be unique, nothing like the limited edition of the ‘Rocking Horses’ of the English company ‘Stevendon Brothers. A different horse adorned with 80,000 Swarovski crystals and valued at 98,400 pounds whose company has among its customer’s people like the Queen Of England or Paul McCartney, among others.

All Lieb Manufaktur board games, here.

For the more teens who enjoy strategy games, ‘Lieb Manufaktur’ is the company that specializes in turning any board game into a work of art, with unique and sophisticated pieces, handmade in Germany with materials such as gold and silver, even With diamond appliques. To make some luxury jacks!

Learn more about the incredible roles of Rebekah Chol here.

«The most egocentric gifts should not be given in a four-euro paper,» thought Rebekah, the founder of Rebekah Chol, a company of personalized and unique gift wrappers. The firm offers the possibility to wrap gifts with unique materials such as lambskin, suede or ebony wood and customized by the artist herself with floral bouquets and even with applications in Swarovski crystals. Although its greater demand is in Christmas is excellent to take into account in any event that you want to emphasize only with the wrapping. If the child is the gift, we must warn him to be careful and not break it like any other wrapping, since the work that it supposes and the price of it is worthy to keep the same as the present.

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