10 spectacular churches to marry

Prayer is an intimate and personal act, an act to clean the soul, this week we teach you the most spectacular churches of the new century.

Seventeen years ago, it began a new century, and with it were born a new wave of religious centers of various forms, taking advantage of the expertise of different designers of the world, to help give us a place where to pray or perform most recognized celebrations of our faith (whatever). The architecture, serve in these cases as a protective element and, at the same time, as a religious claim.

The shoe-church is in Taiwan

The most incredible of these churches, by its aesthetic distance with any religious form, is located in Taiwan, and if you are about to travel to the area (or you are there) just be sure to visit it, no doubt, a selfie with a giant shoe of woman, is worth its weight in gold. Its tourist function is fulfilled, although we do not know if they will really be many couples who will choose to marry there… In any case, we are sure that the most seasoned engineers of structures articulated never would have imagined working on one, with form of Cinderella shoe and 16 meters high and an envelope composed of a 320 tinted crystals, incredible is little.

The most convoluted churche is located in Japan

The most convoluted of these new churches is located in Japan, and to speak of rolled up will not go with ulterior motives… if you look at the outside you will understand!! (I’m a fan of this church). The architect Hiroshi Nakamura, said that while he linked the two stairs spiral at the coronation of the building he was creating an act of marriage in the most pure form… (that things he says), in short, that is worth travel there and enjoy this work, or, better, to find a way to marry there, in the garden of the resort hotel, BellaVista SPA & MARINA ONOMICHI, in (obvious) Onomichi, Hiroshima, please, do not forget to invite me to the link 😉

Church of the Joy

The most innovative was built in Italy, at the beginning of century and is called the Church of the Joy (nice name). His architect, Richard Meier, use the white as a symbol of purity, though this did not prevent him that this target would be made with a very special concrete… able to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere! (Yes, a church of purification). The project covered the Church, a Center parish with offices, Auditorium and a multi-purpose room. The architect says that its three curved walls are identified with the Holy Trinity, in addition of with the sails of a boat. Three candles realized with 78, 104 and 176 prefabricated panels, and whose maximum height is 26 meters.

Martin Luther Church

The fastest in to be built (less than one year) is located in the Austrian town of Hainburg, and its name is Martin Luther Church, also, is the Church with the rarest skylight in the world. A skylight consisting of 8 mm steel plate with curved shapes, constructed in a shipyard, these plates transmit its cargo to the four pillars that sustain it through a metal framework (you know, if you want speed, you should use metal). The Bell Tower of the church lies outside of it in a tower 20 meters weighing 8 tons of steel between 8 and 16 mm thick.

Church of the Resurrection of Christ

The building which less resembles a church (for my taste) is located in Milan, Italy, and responds to the name of Church of the Resurrection of Christ. It is the reform of an ancient ecclesiastical store built by a group of worker priests from the 1960s. The facade consists of vertical stone blades clear, grey stone, zinc and glass printing and they are arranged so that its image will change depending on the orientation of the Sun.

San Josemaría Escrivá Church

The most shocking of the churches of recent stamp has been constructed in Mexico, the San Josemaría Escrivá Church was built at the end of the year 2009 by the architects Sordo Magdaleno. Its base is shaped like a fish, since her two huge walls displaced curvilinear shape, walls that do not touch each other causing the light enter longitudinally through the cover and the facade of the building. Outside, the zinc protects us and, inside, wood strips cover the impressive church. If you do not feel awe within the building, seriously, you have a problem.

The more immovable Church

The more rotunda and immovable Church is located in South Korea, a monumental building (for its size) and simple (in its forms) which reminds us the solid foundation of the faith. His architects, Nameless Architecture (with offices in Seoul and New York) have relied on the concrete to give shape to the complex, according to them «concrete reveals its solidity as a metaphor for religious values that are not easily changed in an era of unpredictability,» I could not so expressed best.

The most ecological church

The most ecological of the modern churches of this century is in the village of Knarvik, in Oslo, Norway. It has 2,250 square meters and was designed by the architectural firm Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter for the competition that was held in the year 2010. Its construction was finished in the year 2014 and is composed of a main volume whose culmination is a pyramid in a corner of the building. According to the designers, the Church respects the tradition of the fjords to build chapels of wood, 500 persons of capacity in the main room will see it, the spaces lined by pine inside… and outside!

Sunset Chapel

The most flirtatious of all that we have viewed is a «small» Chapel of 120 square meters in Mexico, the Sunset Chapel. Bunker architecture receiving this religious assignment, which were based on the contrast that usually occurs in the churches: celebrate the first day in the life of a new couple and lamenting the death of a loved one, thus, the designers exploited to maximize these opposites: glass against concrete, transparency against solid, ethereal against heavy, classic proportions against apparent chaos, vulnerable against indestructible, ephemeral against long-lasting. The result is this solid Chapel among trees, levitating on a beautiful corner of the hills of Acapulco granite rocks.

The most exuberant church

The most exuberant is in the capital of Spain, Madrid, a parish that don´t leave anybody unmoved, A-N-Y-B-O-D-Y, a building designed by Vicens + Ramos, whose longitudinal layout adapts to the plot of the owners (the Diocese of Alcalá de Henares) and that it responds to the need of placing in the Church, their offices and the home of the pastor. The architects explain on their website that they had to make two proposals before of approve this last, the most simple and economical. A ship with metal structure covered with the always showy Corten steel, whose final part consists of a few bumps which point to the sky, of course.

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