Allergy to Dogs or Cats?

Reasons and breeds more convenient if you want to have a pet.

There are more  frequent allergic problems of any kind in this society, and the solutions. So if you want to have a pet you can have it, you just have to choose  the ideal breed for you.

Las alergias cada vez son más frecuentes
There are many breed to choose, you only have to select the most suitable for you and your family.

Currently the most widespread opinion among the best allergists in the world is that we can not establish a rigid list of races that do not produce allergy and others that produce it, because some people are allergic to dogs not be allergic to your hair, but by be his dander, saliva, urine and even the wounds on the dog’s skin caused by the excess production sebaceous gland.

Lo que produce la mayoría de las alergias a los gatos es una proteína
A protein is what produces the majority of allergies to cats

In the case of cats is to be allergic to Fel d1 protein -the one found in the saliva- rather than their hair. Also we can not fully establish precise rules for allergies since the breed of dog that can do well for an allergic person can be fatal for someone else who has the same allergy to dogs. Opinion with which I fully agree, since there are no diseases but sick of these diseases.

Determinar si tienes o no alergia es muy fácil
Follow faithfully the advice of your allergist.

On the other hand in a matter of allergies it is easy to identify whether or not you are allergic to dogs, cats or both,  because just a simple test that will make you the allergist.  It is more difficult to stay out of the agent that will produce allergy, because although your house, clothes and car are completely clean, live in the real world, where you have to go to work, children to school, shopping, home of your friends, etc. And others may carry hairs, dander or saliva from dog or cat, not because they are dirty, but because it is not as easy to remove without scrupulous hygiene. Something particularly difficult in the case of children who play with their pets and after go so happy to school after a thousand licks.

No estás exento de tener alergias por mucho que limpies tu casa
Lower the amount of hair,  lower the amount of allergy-causing agents.

According to Dr. Wanda Phipatanakul, head of the committee Allergens American Academy of Allergy, even though our dog does not lose hair, to a lesser or greater degree if you are allergic – will produce allergy.

La clave de las alergias es el perro que pierden las razas
Yorkshire Terrier is one of the breeds that despite their long hair cause fewer allergies.

The key is not only in the breed of dog if lost or no hair. The latest research are directed to think that dogs shed less hair lose fewer irritating agents. It is not yet scientifically confirmed. Although we can be allergic to dog hair, as we can be to anything else. To a large extent, most allergies to dog hair is because it takes adhering to fall, dandruff, saliva, urine or dander sebaceous eczema that are the major cause of allergies. Therefore a minor hair loss, reduced release of allergen.

Los niños juegan con los animales y pueden llevar alérgenos a casa
The children play with animals and can bring allergens home

You can find on the net many lists hypoallergenic breeds of dogs, recommended dogs for allergic children, etc but I do not recommend more you can see in this link  since it is completely copied from several scientific articles written by American veterinarians, doctors and specialized scientific publications but this is quite accessible and clear. It will analyze the breeds that do not lose hair and you lose some and even those that do not release dander or saliva. Moreover, the American Kennel Association recognizes 13 breeds of dogs that do not shed hair.

El perro de aguas
Portrait by G. Bush of his Scottish terrier, Barney / Bo, the famous Portuguese water dog of the Obama family.

Among these breeds you can find some that I told you about them because they have or have had famous personalities like both the Spanish waters dog liked former President Felipe González or Coton de Tulear that accompanies all sites to Jane Fonda. When viewing the list, you will notice that there are dogs with long and abundant hair, trust. It has nothing to do to miss it or not. What is important is the maintenance of it, if you do not brush regularly will be made knots , but not will lost.

Los gatos
White Persian little cat

As I’ve told you, the key is the amount of allergy-causing agents that expel the animal, to put it simply. Therefore, cat also applies this criterion. I commented at the beginning of the article that in cats, the major allergen is found mainly in the saliva. In cats it is very important because they are continually licking hair. It is also found in the sebaceous glands, which already gives us a clear direction that males are more allergy-causing females, males uncastrated more than barrows and puppies than adults.

Los siameses
Siamese thai cat.

On the other hand, it has not been scientifically confirmed but it has been in consultation so that dark-haired cats produce more allergies than light hair. Therefore, so far we can conclude that before choosing breed cat is best to choose a cat (female), castrated, light hair. Regardless of age, because like it or not, it will grow.

If you like cats or you decide to have one, you do not necessarily have to have a sphinx cat -with so little amount of hair or so short that at first seems to have none. It is considered that there are 7 less allergenic cat breeds, among them are: Balinese or Siamese Oriental longhair, shorthair, Sphinx, Java, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, Siberian.

Puede que no seas alérgico a un animal sino a su comida
Some pet food can cause allergies.

Other general considerations are:

  •  You might be allergic to other pets than a dog or a cat, or even your food. For example, virtually not been detected fish allergies or reptiles, but in many cases their food is made with seafood and there are countless cases of  this allergy.
  • Consider whether you have moved house and thus have appeared allergies, previous owners may have an animal that you are allergic.
  • Allergies can manifest in several ways, rhinitis, sneezing, dermatitis, redness, atopic dermatitis, etc. Consult your doctor and follow their advice, fortunately can be treated. An allergy is serious, in the sense that you never know how it will manifest the next time, it must be controlled.
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