Cara Delavigne and the Dog Trainer

Following the anecdote that happened in the Chanel show I want to talk about dog trainers.

Cara Delevingne took his dog to the front row of Chanel Haute Couture fashion show SS16. In which there was a wonderful start scene such us we are  accustomed by «the Kaiser» and I’ll tell you on Monday. Cara came with her puppy, she sits with him and at first there was any problem, but when Leo -Cara´s  dog- began to settle and discover a world of possibilities around him, as the floor was decorated fresh grass incredably will play there. Cara tried to handle the situation but could not, so it came to be delayed a few minutes the start of the parade.

Leo jugando con el césped del desfile y su 'salvador'
Leo playing on the lawn of the Chanel Haute Couture SS16 fashion show. / The «hero» who saved the situation before Grace Coddington and others «be in shock».

Suddenly the dog trainer hired by Cara Delevingne appeared and led the dog away to backstage, as if nothing had happened. I would emphasize that he did it seriously, poise, totally professional. Neither the dog protested, neither he say a word, not the least altered. An excellent professional!

After the parade, Cara and Leo gathered for the cocktail. The puppy had a fantastic, obedient, calm demeanor and was guarded at all times by the «unsung hero» as many media have called the trainer.

Valentino´s dogs are fantastically educated to live with artworks, in the atelier, boat, plane …

Usually we will not have exactly the problem of Cara Delevingne and not will be very common to go anywhere together with our dog trainer, private security, the driver and personal assistant. But it is not so far from you this subject: «Dog trainers «.Whether you already have a  dog or if you think about having.

In many of my articles I have talked about the importance of a well-behaved dog, who knows the roles and obey orders. I have also spoken of dogs trained to help in various personal circumstances, such as children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, battered women, people with disabilities, blindness, disease screening, etc. And I have mentioned associations where you can contact to get information about your individual case and who will provide a faithful companion that will help you tremendously.

Los peros
Queen Elizabeth II with a simple indication her dogs obey.

Today no one would think having a dog uneducated and even I consider it a disrespect for the animal, and for all people living with him, not only at home but also in society. I will not expand on the importance of education, how dignified and makes life more enjoyable, even the dogs, because of all that is most known. But the best professionals and centers where you can go in Spain and elsewhere for training your dog.

Educate your dog according to your personal and family circumstances.

I am in favor of a positive education so I will name schools and educators who use this type of education. It is also important to appreciate that education is based on the personal connection between dog and owner.

Choose a good dog trainer.

1.- Ability and Training: It’s not only the coach have a title to support your training somehow coach you choose should have feeling with dogs-or yours-at least, we should like. This seems obvious, it is not as many people working or seeking work in jobs they dislike. In this field there will almost nothing, the dog will notice and will not make him any attention. It is good that your canine coach has been formed with the best, but it is also important to connect with your dog instantly.

One of the famous Labrador retriever from Bocalán.

From my point of view, the best trainers are (in Spain): «Más que Guau» with Santi Vidal, Lealcán (Enrique Solis and his team) or Bocalán Foundation. But there are more schools and professionals with a solid track record that are dedicated to train future educators and they may be in your city for that, below I leave the website of the Association of Professional canine educators. The Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Complutense University of Madrid also offer courses even with a diploma in Education and Canine Training and behavioral therapists.

The last in training is to strengthen the emotions and contact with the animal and positive education.

2.- Time: Every dog is a world apart, so there is no set time for the education of a dog. The trainer can guide and after the firsts working sessions about how soon to tell, but stay away from who you promise records times without even not seeing your dog!.

3.- Where?: It is important that your dog is educated in various environments. In your home is a total comfort, but remember that one day you’ll have to get out. Your dog must learn to behave in normal situations that you will attend and / or with the whole family and have to socialize with other dogs. Hence Cara Delevingne´s dog would be in the parade  . Although my point of view, perhaps it was wrong of breed or age, but  what she did wonderfully was go there with her dog trainer.

4.- Your circumstances: It will not do to be the best and most experienced educator canine if you can not train your dog because he do not connect with him, because there is the breed of your dog or because he can not correct a bad habit or he can not train the dog to your personal circumstances.

Socialization training for dogs


  • LealCan even have home delivery. Educate your dog at home. Instruct you if you want to educate by you. Even change behaviors, this is very important because not only educate puppies without any problem. They have a lot of services, even if you are want to learn this profession. Of course, they educate positive.
  • Educan are another of the leading companies in Spain. Training based on the cognitive and emotional approach. It is very interesting, also it educates the dog for positive stimuli of affection for his guidance. They have a website that is worth a visit for the number of innovations and services they present.
  • And of course Bocalán whom I have spoken on countless occasions, they also have international reach, a section to its famous labrador retriever and other for wild animals.
  • Outside Madrid: National Association of Professional dog trainers of Spain.
You must choose a professional to connect with your dog


  • Cesar Millan. For me it is still among the best because it has a special connection with each dog, an irreplaceable personal gift. Through mainly its television programs in many countries, many people have learned techniques and guidelines to educate their dogs who have built their lives normally and are very grateful.
  • Victoria Stilwell. Today it is very famous in Britain for a TV show called «It’s me or the dog». Use very similar to those of Cesar Millan in technical aspects but also has its own guidelines. It has a website that is worth a visit.
  • Bart Bellon. It has developed a method that has been called «Nepopo» based not only on the awards and positive education, but also in touch and contact with the animal, that is, what we talked about before the emotional cognitive approach. On Youtube you can see many videos about him and his website  may also be helpful.

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