Coats: Preparing Your Dog for Cold

Coats are essential to protect dogs from inclement weather.

Although by the complex meteorological factors we enjoy  spring weather, suddenly temperatures can change and it is not surprising that  actually is November, it´s only one step to the first Christmas snowfall. Today I want to focus on outerwear for our beloved pets.

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On the issue of shelter dogs to protect them from the cold there are different opinions. Some argue that the animals do not need them because the nature  has given its own coat that is also coated with a special protection in the form of oil to moisture from rain or snow, as well as Alezandra Horowitc, scientific cognitive specializing in animal behavior that is not in favor of these clothes because she says animals understand it as a sign of domination and puts us as a reference the behavior of wolves to understanding domestic dogs.

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I do not agree with this group. Whether nature is to care for and improve (if not, we would not have come out of the caves), the dogs that I mean in my articles, are pets – even they live in field houses – and they are very far from wolves in their daily lives.

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Mostly dogs need extra protection from the cold since it helps to reduce energy loss and avoid getting wet by rain and snow. Thus avoiding that do not have their daily walks, so necessary, because of not being prepared for inclement weather. Especially in the mornings and evenings of winter is essential shelter the dogs because the temperatures are down enough and the wind chill is usually very cold, on this side of Ecuador.

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Puppies, especially of short hair, quickly lose their body heat and elderly dogs worse support low temperatures and can be cooled to affect a possible poor health. An old dog does not regulate their body temperature like a young dog, and undoubtedly breeds short-haired dogs are not protected against the cold as the long-haired breeds.

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In the case of an elderly dog that we draw a walk in the morning or at night in a place where the temperature is quite cold and there is high humidity, it is advisable to shelter you to thereby prevent you from getting colds or more serious diseases like tracheitis. It is very unpleasant for the dog even come home with wet hair or muddy something to avoid with some models of coats and quilted jumpsuits.

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Another reason why some like Horowitz are not in favor of the shelters is that according to oppress them-albeit slightly back, neck and head of the dogs in nature and this only happens when an animal imposes its domination over another. Mrs Horowitz says: «The coat reproduce that feeling, so the main experience we get the dog to carry is not protection from the weather, but the disconcerting feeling that another exemplary senior is near.»

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As I have said on other posts there is no problem in that the dog recognizes that we are above it,  we are those who dominate and master the situation. As   the best dog trainers will tell you: «always the dog should know that you are the owner.»  To avoid the problems of settings ideally opt for the best brands and the right size. Specialized in canine clothing brands have fantastic patterns, many of them even collaborate with specialists in their design to avoid any discomfort to the animal.

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 Who really has the «last word» is the individual dog, some dogs  love being pampered and allowed to wear them, others do not like it at first but just «understanding it» and others do not accept them any manner. The first one concerned that the coat does not prevent the mobility of the animal  are ourself because we love our pet and we want his  welfare, if the dog is upset will not enjoy the ride and not get its benefits, your pet will feel even worse and will not want to go for a walk.

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Therefore, if our dog rejects the coat, it is best not to wear. But if our dog like wearing coats we must ensure that the size and choose the most appropriate model for features of our pet.

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