Dior & Guggenheim, the Perfect Couple

For fourth consecutive year Dior has made possible the Guggenheim International Gala, a mythical setting for a perfect union.

What would do if they not fit?, the challenges professional not frighten to Raul, au contrarie, seemed to turn on his good do professional, but still he is felt as a child when the challenges had another color, another nature more… how to say, human. This was the case, surrounded by a multitude of people, tools, cables and personnel of work, models, artists and the entire cast, which would make it possible to Dior to shine with its own light, once again, at the Guggenheim of New York, he was only capable of thinking at the meeting that would take place within a few hours.

Within the company, he was a gear more, the years not pass in vain when you take advantage with tenacity, and well, he had done very well. Thus, to his work as photographer, the company had added a few more as ensure the material organization of events to those who he attended. It was not unusual that they ask him from where was sitting Anne Hathaway, where were the bouquets of paper for decoration of the tables or why had not arrived the electrician still.

Anne Hathaway, Kate Beckinsale and Karlie Klos

It was Wednesday, November 16, 2016, a date magic for a day magic, nervous about the arrival of two of the most important people of his life, could not stop of appreciate the magical place where was, nothing more and nothing less than the Guggenheim of New York, a Museum of world famous, a building whose construction was commissioned by Solomon R. Guggenheim, a philanthropist of art of the last century, who did not see the work that would bear his name.

The history of the architecture would be different without the professional who designed this unique building, Frank Lloyd Wright, an eminence that was ahead of his time. No doubt, Raul was aware of that was in the iconic professional work of the author (with permission of the House of the cascade, clear), even when, as Miles Van Der Rohe or César Manrique, never had the title of architect, at least not awarded by an University, which did not prevent him consecrated as the greatest architect of North America.

Frank Lloyd Wright was the designer of the building

Absorbed, thinking in how the fateful destination had prevented that both the promoter as the author saw finished the work, Wright died six months before the completion of the building in 1.959, the photographer almost strike to Jillian Rose Banks, already know, the famous singer Californian, of course, already had asked an autograph. He apologized to her and continued with his routine, he didn’t want to distract her given that it would act that night, right in the centre of the building, under the watchful eye of the muses of Dior, Marion Cotillard, and Camille Rowe.

Herizen Guardiola, Camille Rowe and Marion Cotillard

To distract from the tension that he was accumulate inside, Raul started humming the song «Gemini Feed», loved it, although more than the music, he loved the video (professional defect). The complex stands out in the reticulated urban plot of the most popular city in the world, its particular figure, which simulates an inverted cone entering in the field, the cone not remains undaunted to anyone, its spectacular configuration based on simple geometrical figures, breaks the surrounding environment.

Clear that, its position, on Fifth Avenue, facing Central Park, raise its magnificence. They say that before even of its construction, there was a titanic struggle favored by his detractors, among them were a group of artists who argued that the building blur the works from the inside, they had little faith in their work. But if the outside is immeasurable, the inside is dazzling, the tapes outside is converted in spirals, and one ramp arrives from the level zero until the more high level, under a dome of glass.

The interior of the building is stunning

The idea of Lloyd was that the admirers of art reached the top on an elevator and descended by a gentle slope (of three percent) up to the ground floor, making a unique tour of input and output. It never had been created anything like this up to that day. Another feature of the interior is that the walls are slanted backward, following, obviously, the position of the outside, this was done so that the pictures were slightly lying down, clear, which complicates the exhibition, not all are good ideas.

Show inside the museum

Raul looked the huge glazing around the Atrium, illuminating its ribbed concrete beams had been implemented in extremis, forced Wright by the City Council, since in the original project only existed a glass dome, much more spherical. From the bottom you could appreciate another peculiarity of the spiral, its width increasing towards the peak, this creates a communication between plants very curious and harmonica, while it gives more surface to the higher plants.

Someone asked him, in the back, that personalities would go the next day, November 17, as reflex act he named some of the list: Anne Hathaway, Banks, Kate Beckinsale, Karlie Kloss, Haley Bennett, Olympia Scarry or Brad Goreski, named the artist who would act as the main axis of the gala, the composer John Zorn, a very active figure in the downtown New York jazz. Then, he realized that knew that voice, he turned excited and if, was she, his muse: Ruth, the model that a day discovered in Miami.

Interior of the museum

He had at his side to one of the two people who wanted to present, failed the other, who did not arrived yet, nervous, not perceived how Ruth walked to the concrete ramp, wondering and entertaining him. He was explaining that the building is built completely in reinforced concrete, with different proportions of its main elements according to use outside, lightened in the ramp and more consistent on the walls.

The formwork main material was wood, this allows continuous moulds required to pour the concrete, as well as an easy and safe stripping after the time necessary to obtain appropriate resistances. He told her that in 1992 was built an adjacent building, designed by Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects, based on the ideas of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright had, but he had not been able to do.

Building Construction

This building is related to the original by an element glazed, connecting at different heights up to the peak, and providing it with the space that was lacking it. Also he told her that at the beginning of this century had been repaired the outer layer of the building, filling the cracks that the weather had caused (with special mortars) and checking the condition of the structure. Also thought to give the building the original color that the artist had intended, a red off, but the idea was dismissed.

A place for cultural enjoyment

He explained as the economic circumstances can to change a project, for example, the concrete floor had been devised in stone, but had not budget to run it. He concluded that if the building would have been designed today, we called daring to the architect, who thought his contemporaries countrymen, is something almost unimaginable. How big is his legacy, more than half a century after his death, really cannot be estimated accurately.

Interior of the museum during a show

Suddenly, Raul returned in himself, in front of him, the second person that waited with much anxiety, Carmen, his ex-mother-in-law, his great friend. They merged in an embrace under the light of the New York Sun, in the sixth and top floor of the most incredible Museum created by the hand of man. Everything was perfect, his fears had been silenced by the complicity between the two women which, so far and so differents, had to him as a reference.

Disclosure: The characters that appear in this article, their different personalities and their relationships with each other and with the environment are part of a fiction. The author is not responsible for the views expressed in the article and has no business relationship with any of the companies listed on it.

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