Gourmet Meal for Special Pets

Today we present a number of products selected for discerning owners with delicate taste and pet with exquisite taste.

Jane Fonda con su gata
Cerveza para perros
Beer for dogs

Jane Fonda has a dog named Tulear. It is named for being a copy of Coton de Tulear, Madagascar an original breed is excellent for reducing stress of their masters, for the joy they transmit.

Since coming to life of Jane Fonda, Tulear accompanies her everywhere, interviews, holidays and has even more than once paraded down the red carpet as a companion to Jane. It was not the case this year in Cannes where she paraded alongside Michael Caine. But is it could be seen on numerous occasions with Tulear, Even when the dog went with her for company and a fabulous Chanel Tote dinner. Tulear is part of the life of the actress so much that the dog has a section on the official   Jane Fonda´s website .

Jane Fonda con su gata
Jane Fonda with her cat

Jane Fonda also like cats, when she  was younger had a Siamese cat with her. Some very nice photos  were taken with they two,  that are now part of the living history of cinema. I am sure that Jane Fonda will be interested to know the following products for gourmet pet, or is a client of some of the brands that  I suggest then and even more so knowing the interest you have always shown by the healthy and balanced diet, composed  of the best raw and of course made healthier to preserve all the nutrients way issues.

Here I present a series selected for demanding owners, with delicate taste and with exquisite taste pet products. To turn any of them are an excellent gift for a friend who has pet or your own.

Caviar para mascotas. Haz clic para comprarlo
Caviar pet. Click to buy

1. Caviar for dogs and cats. Beverly Hills Caviar. Beverly Hills Caviar Company is owned by the marriage of Mr. Stern and Mrs. Scheiner, both come from traditional families devoted to caviar in Eastern Europe. Both know this business long ball, but are taking innovative steps in the Company that do not stop to increase sales not neglecting at all the product. They sell from Imperial River Beluga to other products such as «vegan caviar» which is also used in movies or «caviar for dog or cat,» I put it in quotes because I do not like to call what strictly caviar is not. It would still be an exquisite and fabulous product, are eggs, but no sturgeon.

Throughout the history of royalty was often given to dogs and cats queridos.Después dinner is the ideal time generous gourmet feast. Benefits caviar in dogs and cats: Improves balance Omega 3 and 6. Provides polyunsaturated fatty acids. It has more minerals and vitamins that fish oil. The product comes in a handy bottle easy to open and close. It does not have a strong odor.

Botellas para mascotas. Haz clicp ara comrar
Pet bottles. Click to buy

2. Bark vineyards. Wine bottles for dogs and cats:  The time to have a glass of wine is something magical, alone or together willy-nilly a small ritual and an atmosphere that envelops everything is set. Many times we have provided or we’ve had that glass of wine alone with our beloved dogs or cats who have joined us with his special sensitivity. With Bark Vineyards,Our cats can enjoy the Miau-lot (because of its similarity to the name of the merlot grape), while dogs relish the Sniff-and-Tail (from the Zinfandel grape).

Indeed there is a wine, it is a kind of mashed meat and vegetables prepared especially for them but, bottled and presented properly, it serves to surprise our friends with pets with a different gift. The contents of these bottles are sauces with delicious flavors and aromas that are dumped on your pet’s food. In terms of presentation, can be purchased in bottles of 75 ml cases as elegant as any wine wooden box 1, 2 or 3 bottles. The different varieties that can be found are: Barkundy (Veal), Pinot Leasheo (chicken), White Sniff-n-Tail (salmon) and Sauvignon Bark (chicken) .

Cerveza para perros. Haz clic para comprar
Beer for dogs. Click to buy

3. Exclusive beer for dogs. Bowser Beer: Now they are catching beers author of premium brands and small craft productions. This fits us perfectly into the latest trends. Bowser Beer produces a beer without completely safe for dogs alcohol. It sold in packs of 6 small bottles classics and have two flavors: Mild (chicken-flavored) and Strong (warmly red meat).

In addition to beer, which was the first product launched this company, they have been innovating and adding products and offer interesting packs, always with a very careful presentation. I recommend you visit the web http://bowserbeer.com/

Snacks para perros. Haz clic para comprar
Snacks para perros. Haz clic para comprar

4.   Snacks for dogs ideal to accompany beer: Among the variety of products, I also selected a peanut snack that goes great with beer, snack nuggets carries no salt on the outside and made baked with a thin layer of peanut butter and honey. They can also be used as a reward.

Blissful Banana Crisps Treat , all natural gluten free and healthy dog ​​treats crispy banana. They are a great energy snack easily digestible. Benefits Blissful Banana snack: It is an excellent source of potassium. Ideal for upset stomachs. It provides vitamin B6, vitamin C, dietary fiber. No artificial additives or fillers.


5. Popcorn for dogs. Billy & Margot: Your dog can accompany you in a movie night organized for friends or if you are as Olivia Pope can you enjoy them even with a company of their own wine at home. Most popcorn for human consumption on the market are seasoned with oil, butter, salt or sugar, which would be a good gift for your dog. These popcorn is low in fat and calories. They have a long shelf life, lcontienen fiber. Are completely free of gluten, as any product 100% of corn. The seasoning used for these gourmet popcorn are algae Atlantic Sea Horse popcorn adds to an extra supply of vitamins and trace nutrients.

Macarons y
Macarons and cup cakes for dogs. Click to buy

6. Macarons. Bubba Rose. Macarons box: This box of 8 delicious cookies inspired by the famous French macarons from Ladurée are always a wise choice. They are made of peanut butter and carob with a classic recipe. Bubba Rose is a brand that only uses only top quality ingredients, natural peanut butter, wildflower honey, yogurt and natural dyes suitable for dogs and chicken eggs free living outside cages.

7. Cup cakes. Bubba Rose. Boy Bites Cake Box: Cup cakes apple pie and peanut butter made by Bella Rose. Dogs love these pieces of cake for his densely chewy texture, specially designed for them. They are made with ingredients chosen among the best on the market. Like all products Bubba Rose composition is guaranteed by certified analyzes periodically pass the different products.

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