Pet Friendly Beaches & Swimming Pools

Five new beaches have been declared in Spain fit to go with your dog.

Dogs are one of our families and as such, we like to enjoy our free time with them. I have also told you repeatedly about the importance of taking baths and basically wet the pads of the legs and refresh the nape and the parts where they have less hair to avoid possible heat stroke. Going to the beach or to the pool with them is a great plan, but not all beaches in Spain or abroad admit the presence of dogs and much less the pools.

This year 5 new beaches have been declared that accept dogs in Spain: Marbella: El Pinillo and Ventura del Mar, Rec del Molí in Gerona, El Puntal in Cantabria, Santa Cruz de la Palma on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. Here you can consult other beaches for dogs in all the Spanish coast.

Games with your dog on the beach are very fun.

Remember that the access of dogs to beaches is the responsibility of coastal cities, so the rules by which they govern can change from one to another. It is also important that you do not forget the following tips:

  • Keep your dog’s immunization record handy.
  • Make sure your dog is well educated.
  • Always carry the leash. Although you can release them in many areas, there are others where they have to be tied.
  • Dogs of Potentially Dangerous Breed (PDB), as always, must carry both muzzle and leash.
  • Sometimes we have to bathe with our dog.
  • Pick up feces immediately and anything that could mess or ruin your dog.
Dogs in the pool.

There are communities with swimming pools that celebrate once a year – mainly when the season ends – a particular day in which the owners can be accompanied with the dogs. Last year was the 14th of September. Obviously, dog pools are unique to them, although there may be another for children and one for adults. There are also in specialized enclosures where the personal teach them to swim, because even if you do not believe it most dogs do not know.

In these enclosures with swimming pool for your dear friends, they also have different activities in which the dogs socialize between them, and even can do in them or in other more specialized therapies of recovery through the water, remember that spa means salutem per aquam. Some of the dog pools in Spain are: Aquapark Can Jané.

En parques o embalses hay actividades para ellos

There are also parks, reservoirs and marshes, such as: Parque Rodriguez Sahagún in Madrid, Navaluenga in Ávila -Installations of the Old Bridge-, Las Presillas (Madrid) -valle of El Paular-. In these there is usually a great area to go with the whole family and have a picnic and even practice a lot of sports, not just water sports.

It is important that you choose beach, pool or natural environment, always take into account the security measures against water and sun for both your dog and you and the environment, and hygiene necessary to keep the area clean during your stay and leave it So when you leave.

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