Queens and Dogs

Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Letizia are very differents but both have made decisions about the dogs  updated to duty and  these times

Queen Letizia  and Duchess of Cornwall on a visit to the ONCE center of guide dogs. Photo: que    

THE QUEEN LETIZIA, IN SPAIN. It´s starting to become  recurring the theme that  Queen Letizia has no dogs and I’ve even come to see published the suggestion that she should show her love for the animals in public and this that even be done in the company of King Philip VI.

It is well-known perfectionist and professional character of the Queen, unless you have half a brain will realize that it is somewhat exaggerated tone and the way it is told. As time goes on and know more about it by his behavior, I doubt this were to occur, I question that were to occur that way with no factor more like the advice of a dog trainer, for example.

Schnauzer Miniature. Photo: mundoperros

For the  First Communion of the Princess of Asturias, the King and the Queen  gave away a puppy Miniature Schnauzer: «Sara», which is a descendant of Pushkin, the faithful companion of Philip VI during his stay in Georgetown and from the  Schnauzer «banished» to the garden. Who personally knows our Queen Letizia, know since childhood has had dogs at home and likes a lot. If anything serious match all surveys, it is in the high valuation of our King and Queen inside and outside Spain, mainly in his impeccable, serious, firm and according to today´s society.

Throwing suggestions as to air baseless Have we seen in the three previous cases and more engaged Demonstrate the love of animals, When the book of the King and the Queen , which can be viewed on the website of the Royal Family, is very full both together and separately. In a social and political moment like  we are living so turbulent and difficult in which the King is taking firm and clear decisions, talking openly, with an international agenda plenty and  with Queen Letizia supporting research on rare diseases, committing to the soul with each of the charitable, cultural and social causes supported by her -and else she would like – not that they want or be detached to animals, it is that at least they have no time, they have to prioritize. But also, the style of portrait of Charles IV family, are in the Prado, It´s running fresh air and no one can interpret it better than our kings, regal  but  in the S. XXI.

In not too formal events, Queen Elizabeth II receives with their dogs.

ISABEL II OF UNITED KINGDOM. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, again and at this stage of his life had to make a waiver for their duty. The news published about not going to continue raising additional   Welsh Corgi and will stay only with Willow and Holly, for fear of tripping and falling is not exactly true, mainly because the «synthesize» both the information has remained in simplistic.

Isabel II who loves animals especially dogs and horses and enjoy their company, care and education in a sublime way. All of us  have the image, except in very formal events must always be accompanied by their dogs, it´s very  common the legend about she leads into the bag  treats  for their pets has reflected and has come to the conclusion that when  his four dogs-and not two – whom   live her   must be be on a leash by an employee, to avoid tripping   and falling avoid injury that depart from his duty for weeks and even months, something she could not allow herself for her high commitment.

Queen Elisabeth II and Prince Philip at the opening of a canine shelter. Dogs will be subject as from now with the Queen. Photo: posta

It will not be difficult for someone to hold the two Welsh corgi and the 2 Dorgi -Candy and Vulcan-,  .considering that there is the position of caretaker of royal pets, by 1400,00 approximately  per month is paid. What will be difficult is getting used to living without the emotions that walk with your dog free. Who has owned a dog , know what I mean. I can´t describe in words how much emotions that are experienced. You feel the king of the world, although in this case, she is really the Queen of half of the world. 

I have not been published, but I am convinced that given the love that His Gracious Majesty Elisabeth II has for the Welsh Corgi and the latest news about that is an endangered breed certainly has been involved in some way or will even either anonymously, she has raised more than 30 dogs of this breed throughout her life since her father King George VI give away to her Susan when she was 18, a Corgi  which even took in her Honeymoon. Elizabeth II and Prince Philip managed to remove hidden under a rug in the carriage in which formally began their journey. I love this story because it is one of the many fun and complicity together with the Queen and the Prince of Edinburgh .

Queen Elizabeth II in the acts of her Diamond Jubilee. Photo: eltiempo

Both Queens as diverse a priori one to other are examples of learn to adapt to the times and use your head and heart when making decisions on such a sensitive issue as dogs who share our life with so many emotional implications  is very difficult.

Chaos don´t leads to nothing good. The order is always a virtue, but also any dog trainer will tell you that it is necessary to establish rules of coexistence which must always be clear that the boss is the man on the animal for the benefit not only of man but the animal.

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