The best Water Park in the World, in Tenerife

If you want to enjoy of imagery and summer the best place is in the Canary Islands, the largest water park in Europe.

Siam Park es el mejor parque acuático del mundo según Tripadvisor
Siam Park es el mejor parque acuático del mundo según Tripadvisor
Siam Park is the best water park in the world by Tripadvisor

Hi, that I like to lose myself in the world is something that you know, and not because I have hinted you in one of my multiple appearances in the media and audio-visual media, no, is because my deference to you, dear readers, is close to the fidelity. I am, Rodolfo, supporter of good negotiation and of my faithful friends. One of these friends lives in a paradise, I have already spoken on occasion of the Canary Islands.

With the (good) excuse for a study on the material without which nothing would be possible in this world, the water, I have called my Italian friend (Stefano, of course) who resides in Tenerife, between the two, we have devised a route around the island where re-discover its wonders (which are not few), and whose climax has been the object of my study, a place where the water takes a prominent role, so much that it is the main star of the entire complex, I talk about, of course, of the Siam Park, the Europe’s largest Waterpark (almost nothing) and the best in the world according to Tripadvisor (I believe them).

Toboganes y piscinas destacan en un complejo de
Slides and pools stand out in a complex of 185,000 square meters

The Kiessling family has been the developer of the complex, one of the families most popular on the island if we talk of the tourist sector, they have also one of the zoos most important of Spain, the Loro Park (whose success has been perpetuated for forty years), and the luxurious Hotel Botanico (where I stayed, of course), the two in the Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. At the beginning of century, they decided to go one step further and build another theme park, this time on the coast of Adeje, in the south of the island. In 2004 they put the first stone and finished its construction in 2008 with an investment of 62 million euros (68 million dollars).

They did not had the courtesy of inviting me to the opening on September 15, 2008, with the attended of the Princess MahaChakriSirindhorn of Thailand, but as I am not a spiteful, I already forgave them long ago (when I finished my future and splendid construction, perhaps I return the treatment). The presence of the Princess was not casual, the style of the park is Thai and was designed by Professor Ruetai, Professor of the University of Bangkok, no one better to transfer the essence of the religious symbols and the beliefs from that part of East, as far as atmosphere and sculptures is concerned, clear.

Las estatuas gigantes llaman la atención
Giant statues draw attention

The park is distributed in 185,000 square meters and is prepared to support the visit of 7,500 people per day. Its exotic oriental decor is distributed throughout the complex, making allusions to the different generations, and the place is become a true site of entertainment for the family. To carry the construction out, Kiessling travelled half the world in search of ideas to make the best water park that you could dream, thus was born Siam Park, incidentally, Siam is the name of a Kingdom that disappeared in 1932, it covered several countries in Asia and its capital was Ayutthaya, Bangkok today.

Los arquitectos del parque son pioneros en la creación de toboganes
Park engineers are pioneers in creating slides

Jose Luis Olcina, engineer of roads, canals and ports and Philip Mayfield, another professional with extensive experience in the engineering of the water, were hired to lead the work on the complex, they are the primarily responsible of part of the success. However, ChristophKiessling, director of the complex, directed and supervised all the work, from the first sketch provided by the Professor Ruetai, Mr Olcina and the company Proslide Technology Inc., responsible this latter of the water installations in much of the Globe, in fact, claim to be pioneers in the major inventions in slides since 1986 (you will have to believe in theirs).

La decoración asiática destaca en todo el parque
Asian decor features throughout the park

Another actor important, and Italian as my companion, is the designer Paolo Bonanno, he had complete freedom to create the decoration of the Park, and he had to travel to Thailand and Cambodia for the inspiration «in situ», a success if I may add. One feature of this park is the implementation of the highest technological quality in its facilities, intended to mark the difference through the excellence and the quality (not seems wrong way) respecting to the maximum the environment.600 cubic meters of water extracted from the sea are filtered per day, treated in a desalination plant and are used in all the areas of the park, finally, is used for irrigation water.

Siam Park offers also spaces multidisciplinary for events, conventions, musical and even a surf school (obviously, I do not need). It includes, how it could be otherwise, restaurants, bars, a beach and shopping areas where to take something to remember (photos not, of course). To alleviate the great consumption of energy that characterizes a park of this size, possess the unique natural gas plant of the Islands (curious that there are no more, right?) this is used for to temper the water of the slides.

El complejo incluye una playa
The resort includes a beach

They are aware that the best commercial product of the Islands is the Sun, and have decided to support the renewable energy with the investing in the funding of SOLTEN II, and the generating up to 756 kW of energy by this means, even if their idea is to reach 2,035 kW in a second project. If we talk about the price of the entry only costs 39 euros (19 for residents) and, with luck, can rent the cabin by (just) 400 euros/night, you won’t regret it, believe me. But, as you can see, I detour from my main goal very quickly, the element natural par excellence and constructive by necessity.

 It is said that the water is liquid gold, and this is a great truth. The water not only moisturizes and refreshes, also is part of all the industrial processes. Any scientific or technological advancement would not exist without it. Rationalize it has become an obsession, so this water park is an example of what we should do. No matter the amount of water that we use, what matters is to use properly and, above all, that we do not lose a drop. We will use a proper installation and suitable materials. The basic criteria: we will (always) seek the shortest route for pipelines, the lowest possible pressure (using the gravity) and will not store more than necessary. The speed of the water is measured in meters per second, if this speed is too high can cause breaks in the pipes and if it is low will produce deposits.

Siam Park includes within 16 ways to enjoy the water

The water is transported by pressure, more exactly by the difference of pressure between two points, so when we raise water we should beat the atmospheric force, the weight of the liquid and the friction with the walls of the pipes. A few years ago the University Carlos III of Madrid, conducted a study on how the trees transport the water… this trees can to raise over 100 metres by suction, with studies like this someday we transport water without the need for high energy consumption. With its latest addition, the Shinga attraction, Siam Park includes in its interior a whopping sixteen different ways of enjoying the water… Do you want to enjoy with the water in the neck? Byebye.

Disclosure: The characters that appear in this article, their different personalities and their relationships with each other and with the environment are part of a fiction. The author is not responsible for the views expressed in the article and has no business relationship with any of the companies listed on it.

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