The Highest Green Building of the World

A secret meeting was held to choose the "building of the summer" Which? All the signs indicate that the Shanghai Tower can to be chosen.

La Shangai Tower integrada en el skyline de la ciudad
La Shangai Tower integrada en el skyline de la ciudad
The Shanghai Tower built in the city skyline

She left her seat with parsimony and diligence, she had been preparing in secret the past few months for this. Subtly, she revised the faces of the colleagues while was collecting the dossier, she had waited patiently all the time and, already, having exposed the majority of proposals, seemed that this year her proposal could be elected.

She had already participated in five meetings, the first as guest of honour and the followings as a contestant of prestige. The idea was simple: each participant should to take data and details of a building under construction or newly built, to determine which of them would be awarded as «The building of the summer». 

Vista desde el suelo de la Shangai Tower
View from the floor of the Shanghai Tower

She introduced the Pendrive and wielded the laser pointer; as first image appeared the logo of her company, one marks more than known in worldwide for their quality and their (good) treatment to the operators, she was proud of several social advances that had managed within the company, «a little of publicity is always good, even here», she thought, as she watched the faces surprised of the persons had not recognized her. When she saw the second picture knew that she had done well her work: already none of those the attendants could separate the logo of her company of the silhouette of the Tower of Shanghai who they were watching, the largest building of double facade of the world. 

Shanghai Tower Construction and Development Co., is the promoter of this project, whose design was awarded by a international competition, this is often done, in June of 2008. The architecture firm that won the competition, studied in detail the premises which should have the construction, first and foremost, a building anchored in the time, as it was at its time, the other two that form (together) the trio more next of the planet, the Jin Mao Tower skyscraper and the SWFC (Shanghai-world financial center). They took into the account international environmental standards and the comfort technology.

The Shanghai Tower reaches a chilling height of 632 metres, which it makes it the second tallest building in the world (behind of the BurjKhalifa, Dubai), has 127 plants with five under the basement, intended, mainly to parking. The area is 576.000 meters in total, including 410.000 above ground. Have commercial and cultural spaces, 200,000 square meters for offices, and the building has a luxury Hotel with 80,000 square metres which are distributed in 258 rooms between the floors 84 and 110 what she herself would call a «luxury of height«. 

She made a break, not because she was tired, was paused intentionally, for than the other negotiator exasperated a little, enough to weaken but not too much, so he do not miss the attention, was accustomed to this type of negotiations and she had marked the times perfectly. «But the best is yet to come, if so far I have given some figures, from here I will give you an architectural analysis»,it seemed to her, at that moment, that increased the tension in the room, almost could swear that one of the people seated there was a very popular character, «his name was Rodolfo, not?»

Shangai Tower, distintas vistas
Shanghai Tower, different views

The building becomes twisted on its axis at 120 degrees, with a form that it would not go unnoticed anywhere in the world. The responsible architect of the studio, Gensler, with their best 48 professionals (200 has the company), has been themanagers of the design and direction of the work, although that its «Chief Architect», Marshall Strabala, no longer belongs to the company, he has not withdrawn of its professional tasks in this work. The building is subdivided in turn into 9 cylindrical parts, one above of the other, with an interior garden at the base of each one of them.

But the shape exterior aerodynamics is not capricious, it is achieved to reduce the thrust of the wind (which in Shanghai can reach a speed of 53 meters per second, about 190 kilometers per hour) by 28 percent, according to Strabala, this amounts to a saving of 60 million dollars (54 million euros) in the structure, a amount significant, on the other hand the budget is 4.2 billion dollars (3.80 billion euros), so a little of help never it hurts. The form in semi-spiral also serves to collect rainwater, which is intended for heating and air conditioning.

Vistas desde la Shangai Tower
Views from the Shanghai Tower

The system of double glass wall using in the construction serves as thermal insulation, this physical separation of the two elements allows that the external temperatures (in Shanghai, the temperatures range between 0 and 40 degrees from winter to summer) softened greatly. The bag of air acts every fifteen plants independently, increasing its effect the asymmetry in plant. The outer layer of glass is attached to the inner structure using steel turnbuckles, these tensors help to hold the wall and, at the same time, convey the force of the wind to the main structure. 

The developers rely on that the building could receive between 15,000 and 20,000 people for day between workers, visitors and guests of the hotel. It has 106 lifts, the quicker lift will reach 18 meters per second (64 km / h) until the second tourist viewpoint highest of the planet on the floor 119. The building will also with an open terrace on the floor 121 (for the bravest). It has a geothermal system to take the temperature of the Earth, devices collectors of water for use in landscaping and other secondary uses and 270 turbines below of the parapet to generate additional power, with a capacity of 135 kW of power.

Aspecto interior de la Shangai Tower
Look inside the Shanghai Tower. Pictures: Noah Sheldon / Gensler

They expect to get, in brief, the certificate LEED Gold and the three stars of the Environmental Committee of Chinese in recognition of sustainable design and construction. The contractor, Shanghai Construction Group started work on November 29, 2008 and boasts of have built the first building in the world with a weight of 850,000 tons over soft ground, also calls the title of tallest green building on the planet for their construction. For anyone person is a building of records. 

«I could continue giving you more details, the podium at the foot of the Tower (is also the entrance to the Hotel) has 60,000 square meters of retail, catering, exhibitions, banquets and a long etcetera. I could explain that the lower part of the building can display letters and characters in any language, and that the emblem of the Tower will be displayed in the crown of the building, and that, furthermore, multiple images can be in it…

Shangai Tower desde el aire
Shanghai Tower from the air

… I could analyse the mass-damper (structure on the top floor which serves to offset the ups and downs and movements of skyscrapers) that is the heaviest in the world with 1,200 tons. I could say that the building has the highest panoramic restaurant on the floor 120, the highest pool(in 393 metres) on the 84 floor, which has the highest Sky Lobby(in 470 metres) on the floor 101, and it is the first luxury hotel with Chinese style. I could…» 

She paused, aware that in the last sentence was played all her argument, one false step could decant the scale, although, in this case, was frankly unlikely. «I could invite you to visit China and that you choose this tower as the building of the summer of this year, 2015», concluded. (Photographs: Gensler)

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