The Incredible Farm of Johnny Depp… to Auction!

Johnny Depp, the most famous pirate of Hollywood, auction his farm in Kentucky, a spacious and promising property.

We started the school year with a bittersweet news: goes on auction the farm of the film actor more revered by the children, the best-known pirate in the world, that his endless poses and gestures in front of the cameras have led to the Hollywood summit… and to the edge of bankruptcy! Yes, you know of who I speak, the unique and indiscernible Johnny Depp! Why is this news bittersweet? Maybe because it is a pity having to auction a property as spectacular as this… and more still who is his owner, an auction always implies urgency to sell, and the actor does not seem to have succeeded in his multiple attempts to sale, the property went to the market for 3.4 billion dollars (2.87 euros), but no one wanted to buy the farm in Kentucky at that price.

And since there was no buyer, he had to go to the next option: the auction, so the company Halfhill Auction Group has been responsible for that the 15th of September of the current year is auctioning the property, but quiet, if you want to participate in it, will not go blindly to bid, from The Luxonomist we will give the keys to make you sure a good purchase. We collect, so far and as who doesn’t want the thing, I have informed you who is the owner (Johnny Depp) and who the auctioneer (Halfhill Auction Group, specialists in auction of United States), but lack the most important: what is auctioned it. The Johnny farm (he forgive us the gall if we got a buyer for his property) is located in Kentucky, eight kilometers from the city of Lexington, where born another popular actor: George Clooney.

The property encompasses 41,32 acres, which equals, in our decimal metric system, 16.74 hectares (almost nothing). Inside the main building is located, whose first stone (or brick) was placed in 1915, has 550 square meters and there you can relax in 6 different bedrooms, bathe you in other six baths and invite your friends to sit in a huge living/dining room, treat your business in the spacious office or to prepare a dinner in «the room of the Sun«, separated from the rest of the farm by huge stained-glass windows.

Of course, as a whole farm of a certain level, its facilities include swimming pool, a park with a lot space for various amusement and games for infants. Perhaps, per putting some error, seems have low space for parking: one garage for four cars in a six-bedroom home? What did they think? Finally, fortunately, exist much land to save this difficulty.

Apart from the main house, the horse farm (which does not sell its animals) has three barns, 15 stables, 10 automatic sprinklers and a guest house (which you can use for the Manager of the farm). This adjoining the main House has a bedroom, a bathroom, living room and kitchen.

To have all the information in the hand (and decide) you’ll have that knowing that the actor bought the land in 1995 for his mother, Betty Sue Palmer, which he has a heart with her name tattooed on his left arm (love of son), cost 950,000 dollars, although he sold it in 2001 for $ 1 million (did not do business), that yes, returned to be in his hands in 2005, when he paid 2 million dollars (1.69 euros).

The main residence is located in the center of the field, elongated, the front door is protected by an elegant portico of Georgian style, where, on autumn evenings, admire the immensity of its properties. The house is built with the more universal material created by man: the terracotta brick. Inside, reign other materials, such as the wooden floor or endless carpets.

We don’t know if the excess of antique furniture, the profuse mixture of disjointed and extravagant items or the «brilliant» idea of putting carpet in the kitchen are the intellectual property of the actor, what we do know, is that all this is remediable, clear. The spacious kitchen, speaking of the King of Rome, boasts with abundant light, from the transparent wood from floor to ceiling on the back wall and a huge skylight. It also has modern appliances of high end and a huge Island to prepare gourmet delights.

Another point to consider is the initial auction price, 2.9 million dollars (2.44 EUR), price that you’ll get the farm if no one else bids… clear that, perhaps, can get it for less (do not despair), given that the valuation of properties of the County of Fayette gave a 2.3 million dollars (1.94 EUR) fair value. On the other hand, the auction has what is called a reserve price, this means that they have a minimum price to sell the property, as this price has not been revealed, will have to wait until the 15th day.

All this is valid if your intention is to devote yourself to the breeding of horses or enjoy the House, but, if you have other more commercial purposes, you must know that this farm is located next to Westmoreland subdivision, an urban development to residential housing of this area of the world, so you have little time to take numbers and see the real possibilities of the market there and the costs of the construction… luck and courage!

Mr Depp is involved in a legal war against his former administrators, after discovering a debt of $ 40 million (EUR 33.7), according to him, because of the malpractice of their managers, according to these, due to the lifestyle of «our Johnny». Finally, this unpleasant situation can also benefit you if decide to buy, above all by the need for sale that seems to have generated the rapidity of the auction.

You can visit the building on 3 and 10 September from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon (local time). Although, if you don’t come you well, prepares trip to be there the day 15 an hour before the auction (at 11:00 in the morning).

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