The More Green Artificial Skating Rink

In China, gets ready the construction of the last phase of its World Trade Center with a spectacular building ecological and cultural.

If you thought that China already not could surprise you more, it is best that you go quickly to its capital, Beijing, and enjoy during the next few years from the construction of the Summit of its famous China World Trade Center, an example of Master Plan that has been running for over 30 years and will now put the first stone of its latest project… the greenest of all!!


With 19,580 square metres of development, the designer Andrew Bromberg of Aedas architecture Studio has managed to raise the admiration of many of his colleagues and the blessing of the promoters (obviously, this always is important), the powerful China World Trade Co., Ltd, for the updating of what must be the entrance to the international Chinese Center, in addition, totally committed to the care of the environment.

The 3C phase is the fifth and final phase of the China World Trade Center, incorporating what they call a «Green Civic» to the popular business centre of the capital. The visual impact is more than insured with waves of concrete that define the envelope… and the appearance of a winter urban forest (wonderful). The main idea is that this complex will serve as the gateway to this part of the city, a cultural and green door that refreshes and introduce life into of its entire environment.

The realization of a redistribution of the metro lines, adapting the current lines and foreseeing the future to achieve a fluid and effective railway traffic, is planned under the voluminous building. The morphology of the complex will allow visibility from the outside of all the items at five levels, inviting to the users to discover the Retail area in its basement, or to rise up to its wavy and passable cover.

But the roof has a very special gift, besides of being an artificial forest is, also, an Olympic-size skating rink (Yes, I know, it is amazing that this to go being built). The building will have (so we let’s «grinding» the teeth) cafes and restaurants, studies art, huge exhibition halls, an organic farm, cultural and educational facilities, an amphitheater and a wall for climbing, an «all for all» that would say the smartest of the class.

Apart from to go tobogganing while you buy your favorite pieces, enjoy an urban garden before dinner with your friends, or watching an exhibition while you expect your boss that coming by metro from the other end of the country, the China World Trade Center 3C phase is ready to be controlled to maximize its energy expenditure as well, the glasses that allow natural lighting are low-E (low-emissivity), reducing the energy demand to avoid the entry of heat… or its output! (Depending on the season).

Of course, the green areas within the cities provide oxygen, as well as reduce the «heat island» effect. The designers have provided a saving of 30 per cent of water thanks to a strict control by the Well Labels, these allow to the users to know what level of water-saving facilities. The project will start its construction in August 2.017 (soon) and is expected to end in 2020 (do you sound something this number?).

So far, the Andrew Bromberg design in Aedas has won the MIPIM award to the best future project. So go to preparing the ticket because, if all goes well, within four years you can ski in the fabulous snowfall cover of this complex.

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