The «other» Residences of the President Trump

The most controversial President that North America has ever known is about to step on the White House, today, you will know his "other" residences.

«We are like Hillary and Trump» Mole said sarcastically (nickname of Tom) to Anti (nickname of John) a day that they had met in the elevator, clear that when he said this or he did not think that the controversial billionaire would had real options of reaching to the White House. The day after of the presidential election of North America returned to coincide at the entrance of the building where they had their offices, and John not missed his opportunity to strike back him «to see how my mandate develops», whisper derisively.

Residencia de Trump en Florida

Their coexistence had suffered a curious transformation since a judge forced them to «live» in the same company, which had created between the two, it name is «The Celebrities Buildings». If to the principle John hate to have that see to his treacherous partner, now was Tom who not supported the situation. In the plant fifth, each one walked toward to his office. In the door of the Anti, expected him a pleasant surprise, the journalist star of the magazine: Alicia Kyes (that not Keys).

Detalle de la residencia de Trump en Florida

Alicia looked sideways, and when her boss approached enough, whispered in his ear: «open, fast! I have a Trump-surprise!” John was glad to have been bathed in the preferred Cologne for the woman. Inside, Alicia is unbuttoned her coat (the owner of the company had the eyes in shaped of dish), to show a dossier that she had hidden (disappointment?), the first image was of the future (now yes) President of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

«I have been collecting information on the other residences of Trump – said, without to disguise the frustration by the result of the ballot boxes – here I show you the result for to do a report, if you seems, clear». He observed the images while he listened to the African-Japanese with attention, the first Property were the favorite of the tycoon, the palace of Mar-a-Lago (nice name) located in Palm Beach, Florida.

Boda del hijo de Trump en su residencia en Florida

By it seen, the Trumps had by custom to travel there in weekend (not seem bad idea), not in vain, they have 126 rooms and the best views of the ocean Atlantic, in addition to 17 hectares of enjoy. The Mansion cost to Donald 10 million de dollars (9.21 euros) in 1985, although its cost is now at 200 (184 euros) and continues to rise. The building serves also as club private and spa, generating million annual of benefit.

Inside, you can delight with antiques of style Luis XIV, a ballroom covered with gold, Flemish tapestries, 2,200 pieces of marble that serve as a pavement and a spectacular courtyard surrounded by columns carved in stone and decorated with 36,000 tiles (WOW!) that make you can travel to the region more historic of Spain: the Alhambra in Granada. Nor is wrong if we think that the cover is composed of 20,000 shingles brought of a mansion Cuban.

Palm Beach

Near there, in 2004, Trump bought a one-story building for 41.4 million dollars (38,13 euros) to reform it and sell to Dmitry Rybolovlev (Russian tycoon dedicated to fertilizers, yes, the owner of the Monaco football club) four years later, in 2008, by 95 million dollars (87,50 euros), a good business. Its curious semicircular form includes a piece of private beach with (of course) gardens and terraces.

Uno de los patios de la residencia de Palm Beach
Palm Beach

Materials such as gold and marble are complemented with diamonds for the taste of its tenants. Inside, 18 rooms (some with vaulted ceilings), nine baths, ballroom, press room and parking for 80 cars. Many persons say that to enter you need a footwear special… extravagance or excess? Rich carpets and decoration Baroque permeate its 3.065 meters square of surface.

Residencia de Trump en Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills

To the unison, Alicia and John caught the same photo, an image that had attracted them, they looked at each other and, he believe to see a slight blush in the look of her. The mansion that appeared portrayed had been property of Trump in 2008, although it had been sold to the following year. Now, its value is had multiplied by three, to get to the 30 million of dollars (27.63 of euros).

Piscina de la mansión de Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills

The Mansion was in Beverly Hills, next to another property of the tycoon, his residence when wanted to surround him of stars of Hollywood. The style classic Greek is expands by all the property, in majestic columns, in pavement marble and balusters of the same material. In its almost 1,400 metres square not there space for the boredom, but, if the users it make, it best is go to the fantastic pool with lawn reticular and sports court.

Vista aéra de la residencia de Connetica

They passed to the next residence, the first mansion of the tycoon, bought during his marriage with Ivana, in Connecticut, in 1,982. The mansion was built in 1939 in colonial style, its impressive 1,850 square meters are equipped with eight bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, theatre, cinema, tennis courts and three apartments for staff. When was bought, Ivana Trump reformed it with the same materials used in the Hotel Plaza.

Interior de la ,mansión en Connecticut

Now, was again in sale by 54 million of dollars (49.74 of euros), their last owners have renovated it to add more rooms and a pool cover. The location of the housing, next to the narrow of Long Island, allows have a quay and enjoy of some views without equal while play to the golf in its Super Lawn.

Vista aérea de Seven Spring en Bedford

«Trump has said in several occasions that one of his residences usual – said Kyes approaching a bit to John – and favorite, of course, is which bought in Bedford, called Seven Springs, by which paid 7.5 million of dollars (6.91 of euros) in 1.995, even he thought in build a field of golf but not could beat the reticence of his neighbors», noted with some joy, seemed proud of those people that she do not knew.

Mansión Seven Springs en Belford

The mansion was built in 1,919 for Eugene Meyer (President of the Bank World) and has 15 bedrooms of a total of 60 rooms in its 4,600 meters square. It also has two apartments to staff, three pools, a bowling alley, a barn and a house separate with style Tudor. The Trumps use it mostly in summer and for some that another relaxed weekend.

Mansión Albermale

The following photo was the former mansion of Patricia Kluge, in Charlottesville, Virginia, (the mansions that could buy this man!), a bargain that had found into the year 2011 by only 6.5 million dollars (6 euros), its 7,000 square meters include 45 rooms, room cinema, barn, greenhouse, and a house for guests, as well as a chapel and English-style gardens.

Jardines de la mansión Abermale

Albemarle House, the name of the housing, was built makes 30 years by the billionaire John Kluge, a tycoon of the media of communication and the entertainment that was owner of the Harlem Globetrotters, this and that Kluge out considered in his time the American more rich by the magazine Forbes, encouraged to Trump to fight to get this beautiful mansion. Another reason, of course, were its vineyards that have it a great fame for its exquisite wine.

Interior de la residencia Penthouse en Manhattan
Penthouse, Manhattan

They were not looking the latest images, front with front, the passionate characters of this post spoke absorbed and almost to the unison. «The most famous residence of Trump is located in New York, of course, in his building more iconic, it’s a triplex that occupies the top floor of the Trump Tower, which faithfully commemorates the lavish and wasteful Trump style.» Its value is around 100 million dollars (92 euros) and from its windows you can see the Central Park and the Manhattan skyline. 

Detalles del interior de la residencia Penthouse en Manhattan
Penthouse, Manhattan

The marble (again) covers floors and walls, is transformed in columns that culminate in capitals of order Corinthian of gold of 24 carats. On the roof continues the decorations with the metal most valued for the humanity, as well as incredible scenes from the ancient Greece. This mythology Greek permeates every detail of the property: a statue of Eros and Psiqhe in the table of the lounge, huge vessels Greek under a picture of Apollo in his cart directed by Aurora, an incredible fireplace of marble white and an infinity of details.» 

Vistas desde la residencia de los Trump en Manhattan

After a few seconds Anti not could retain more his feelings, «the Trump penthouse dazzles with so much gold, but not as much as you, Alicia, I know that separate us twenty years but…», at that time the journalist covered his mouth with her mouth, merging into a passionate kiss, «you don’t talk anymore and call me Melania», said the anti-Trump activist.

Melania Trump en su residencia de Manhattan
Melania Trump, Manhattan

Disclosure: The characters that appear in this article, their different personalities and their relationships with each other and with the environment are part of a fiction. The Luxonomist is not responsible for the views expressed in the article and has no business relationship with any of the companies listed on it.

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