The Perfect Toy for Each Pet

Choose the right toy  for your dog or cat in any situation.

The game is very important in the development of our dogs and cats factor. It not only helps us to interact with them, also benefits them in their physical and mental development, and avoid routine, calm their anxiety and stress at certain times like when we are absent or can not devote all our time to them.

Keep neat, clean and undamaged toys.
Keep neat, clean and undamaged toys. Click to buy

They are also important in their education. Throughout the game rules to be followed are set, awards, etc. You can even teach him to pick up his toys. How to choose the perfect toy? There are 4 key factors you should consider:

Keep neat, clean and undamaged toys.
Keep neat, clean and undamaged toys. Buy here

What do you want the toy for? If you want to interact with your pet, the ideal type are toys of search dogs or feathers to caress your cat and he tries to catch them. I have told in other post I’m nothing of the sort partisan tug toys for dogs, in my point of view and that of other experts enhance anxiety and fighting instinct, not being recommended at all for dogs tend to destroy everything in its path and should educate as many believe. These toys where the interaction is the basis of the game are ideal for teaching rules and roles-you’re the boss, he obeys -.

Green & Wilds. Toys to interact with your pet.
Green & Wilds. Toys to interact with your pet. Clic to buy

Depending on how long we’re going to be away and needs of our friend, they are very interesting toy dispensers food as rewards or treats for your taste. You can see a video of how it works and at Kong ´s website -he brand who manufactures- leader and pioneer worldwide have all kinds of fillings for summer and winter treats, and everything you can imagine. Also, of course, for cat. It is important to remember that cat food is completely different dog and flavoring products!

Toy food dispenser and Chew toy
Toy food dispenser and Chew toy. Click to buy

The chew toys are very interesting to treat behavioral problems in dogs breaking objects at home for bites and also for those who have separation anxiety and calm through the bite. I recommend that you read my post in which this issue is widely discussed. In other cases as they are also very useful and recommended by veterinarians: Dental and gum problems, puppies, etc.

Ideal Chew toy for puppies and elderly dogs (left), clean and chew toy candy dispenser teeth and adult dogs (down) and Game for stimulate intelligence (right up)
Ideal Chew toy for puppies and elderly dogs (left), clean and chew toy candy dispenser teeth and adult dogs (down) and game for stimulate intelligence (right up)

It seems obvious that age is a major factor for choosing toys for your pet but we need to discuss it, primarily for those who have or are considering having your first pet or still do not have a lot of empathy with him. Like any living thing any age influences factor of development. It is not fun, entertain or need the same toys a puppy or an older dog for their physical and mental characteristics.

A puppy needs primarily be educated and soothe his gums if he have problems with his teeth out why most appropriate for them to be chew toys, throw toys and pick up the search as you begin to learn simple commands, among these there are many of them that stimulate mental development. For adult dogs and elderly toys with prize and the games that stimulate intelligence are the best suited. Resilient chew toys are also of special election.

The famous Snowman first toy by Kong but in purple and dinosaur with different textures. Click to buy

The size of the jaw of dogs is the factor that you have to take into account when choosing teething toys. But the hardness thereof is important. Large dogs and hunting breeds – although they are medium – need harder than small dogs toys for biting. Worth noting is also the abundance of dental plaque small for what I recommend special toys to help them clean their teeth dogs.

 Know your dog and buy toys according to his preferences
Know your dog and buy toys according to his preferences

From my point of view is the most important factor. Customize the choice of toy kind of behavior, even in the background leaving their size or age. The tastes of your dog, its character and behavior is what most influence your way to have fun and be entertained thus achieving a healthy and happy dog.

Puppies chew and scaler for small breeds
Puppies chew and scaler for small breeds. Click to buy

CHEW TOYS.- We must distinguish those aimed at puppies to relieve the problems arising from detales problems and aimed at those adult dogs who have anxiety and gives them to bite everything as well as we spend on education of the puppies to learn what you can chew and why not. For this there are different textures, hardness of materials, shapes and sizes. Dogs through the bite and the game to release their energy, emit serotonin and the highest levels of this hormone in the blood makes them feel happier and more relaxed.

IQube interactive puzzle
IQube interactive puzzle. Click to buy

SEARCH GAMES.- Not only those of throw and catch, as balls and disks, but we can also include here a type of toys that the dog must find a toy hidden inside a piece. A fun trick is to impregnate toy  with a spray that aromatice him with a smell that he likes -at Kong’s web creams have distinct dog and cat to rub them with a little will suffice – and not only have to find the inner part, but also the toy. Ideal for those days you can not leave the house more than necessary.

Nina Ottosson. Most famous puzzles for pet
Nina Ottosson. Most famous puzzles for pet

DEVELOP INTELLIGENCE TOYS.- Increases concentration, speed up your mind increasing their operational capacity and creativity. Usually they are divided boards with boxes and  lids that hide a reward in its. There are smarter than others and more brainpower dogs or races to learn faster than others, it is a game, not a competition, nor a reason to get nervous neither you nor the animal.

Chew with food (left) and cat food dispenser (right). Click to buy

TOYS FOOD DISPENSERS.- They are ideal for puppies and dogs suffering from separation anxiety when you have to be away from home for a while. They help them be entertained and forget the stress. Generally they operate dispensing some treat, pasta or kibble when the dog bites, the turns or moves. They are easy to wash and are made of materials resistant to bites.

Game chase the bird (left) and Froli Cat Dart. Click to buy

CAT TOYS.- Cats enjoy with toys that help stimulate your mind in the sense that we talked to dogs. Note that a free cat hunting in nature between 10 and 20 pieces of different sizes per day. Although domestic cats need not hunt for food, they also need fundamentalment action «chase» hunting to maintain their psychological health. There are toys for cats who dare to pursue air or land and other objects specifically designed to stimulate their mind, as already mentioned for dogs. They are exactly the same. The scrapers also love and are very necessary for them, I remember my post on structures for cats or «condos» covering both the need to climb and hide out or sharpened nails.

Door Hanger food dispenser. Click to buy

Finally, a few tips:

  • In many social networking websites you can find instructions for making toys for your pets. I urge you not even think you! If you love crafts, use them as decoration, but nowhere near the stop at their paws. Never going to get finished, the materials, the study and the excellent work carried behind him the first brands that exist in the market and I’ll show you.
  • Remember frequently renew your pet toys strip those who are bitten in excess or defective for any reason, no longer offer all the guarantees of security from the original product in perfect condition.

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