The Sustainable City of Abu Dhabi

The sustainability is growing in popularity, pointing up in its aplication the Emirate Arabic most famous, and Yes, they are oil producers.

I have always thought that the term sustainable city, or sustainable environment, is a concept of the past, something archaic which does not generate more than confusion and, incredibly, separates people into two camps: those who serve the cause and the enemies of it. But it is clear that my conception of the term has nothing to do with the majority, in the whole world the term sustainable is fashionable, both, until one of the areas of the orb of greater oil production advocates for it, talking about, of course, Abu Dhabi.

But you don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of energy independence, the urban gardens, the vertical gardens and the human capacity for detached of all the ties, but from there to the leitmotiv of many technical and good part of the society of to «Finish» with the established… goes a long way. Finally, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are betting strongly on reducing 18.4 tons of CO2 that consumes per year (four times the world average), so have announced a 163 billion dollar (146 euros) investment in alternative energy sources in the next 30 years, hoping to increase energy efficiency into 40%.

But not only the State has put hands in the work on this issue, many private companies also want their share of the cake, well, the company Diamond Developers, committed to integrating economic, environmental and social elements of sustainability in their projects, fighting for change the climate and preserving the planet and its resources to the following generations (so say it on their website), have created The Sustainable City, neither more nor less.

This complex has an extension of 465,000 square metres, contains 500 villas and its population density can reach 2,700 residents, and, although it seems rather pretentious name it City (what is a city? I advance that there are as many definitions as interests), we must surrender to the effect of marketing, especially when they claim to have built the first self-supporting «City» of the Emirates, there is nothing.

This set of properties is located 18 miles from the city of Dubai, near of the tallest skyscraper in the world (for now), just 20 minutes from the coast, and its construction provides solar panels capable of reaching 10 megawatts of electricity, more than sufficient for 500 dwellings, Mosque, Hospital, Hotel Indigo, school, its Equestrian Center, Plaza (shopping complex) or the Farm that runs the entire length of the resort (like a green backbone), and contains 11 greenhouses with more than 3,000 square meters for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables urban.

This sustainable community has been recognized in the past 2016 with 10 awards from local, regional and international scope as the World Green Design organization or Climate Control Awards, only this already we can deduce the interest generated to your around, partly because do not passes through its 465,000 square metres nor a single car, or one only non-electric, clear. Partly, too, because all water is reused in the gardens and cultivated areas, waters grey prior treatment (obviously).

Dubai has more than 300 days of sunshine to the year, envy for a good part of the world’s population, but a problem when you want to be cool at home, so to prevent this heat discomfort the homes have roofs covered by solar panels, by absorbing the rays of the Sun God until they come into the House, in addition, the housing are aimed to prevent direct sunlight through of the windows, a success. By the way, the parking of the complex is also covered by photovoltaic panels.

As all city that boasts, will have its space for shops, offices and restaurants, in particular, will be allocated to these activities a global of 15,000 square meters. The border of the sustainable city will act as a natural barrier against outside contaminants, with 2,500 trees disperse in different areas, to purify the air, inside, other 7,500 trees will do the same. Inside, delving into the intention of promoting sustainability, the company plans to build a school where future generations can learn to get involved with the environment and how to protect it.

The houses of the city are grouped into five parcels, and host each one 90 Courtyard Villas, 8 Garden Villas and 2 Signature Villas (these last ones are sold out). Curiously, each parcel is referred to as a type of date Palm: Lulu, Berhi, Hilali, Jabri and Khalas. All for families, three- and four-member households, so if you have a large family or want to live in solitude, we recommend not to buy here, but if you insist on doing so, or you enter within the canons established by the company, we will tell you that the prices are sky-rocketing, from one million dollars (893,000 euros), almost nothing, clear that it is logical if we think of the 299 million dollars it will cost (267 euros) until its completion.

The culture also has its place in the Sustainable City, through a very special building, which not only will house an amphitheater for 700 people, and exhibition areas, also will be the first building of positive energy in the region, producing over their useful life (calculated over 50 years) 140 percent of which will be consumed (surplus call it), including in these calculations the energy required to build and dismantle it, awesome. Name: innovation diamond Center.

They say that sustainability is meeting current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs, guaranteeing the balance between economic growth, care of the environment and social welfare. It seems that in this sense Diamond Developers Community falls within the definition, although this is least important, the really important thing is that, according to the company, already have been sold two-thirds of the villages, so the sustainability of the complex is insured without having completed its construction.

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