The Tallest Tower in the World

A new icon opens the sky of Central Park for the more daring and millionaires. A new was for New York.

Sandra did not give credit to what was witnessing, as a means of natural defence, she was observing undaunted the scene, hoping that it was not real, wishing that this was not happening. In front, a person that she said goodbye a year ago in the Eastern hemisphere, her beloved Nikolai, but he was not only, he accompanied him a woman who, clearly, was enjoying of his company.

She not could claim nothing, obviously, not were couple official, they had not seen for a long time and had not promised nothing. Still, it hurt, a broken heart always hurts, especially when it breaks away of her home from loved ones and suddenly, while she walk along the 57th Street in New York, where she has gone to expand her knowledge about her greatest passion: the architecture.

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432 Park Avenue interior

But Sandra not could afford the luxury of losing her life as a statue, reacted, and, hidden among the multitude of the city, dodged to her old lover. She clung, then, to the goal that had marked, should reach the door of the new most important building of the New York City: the 432 Park Avenue, the last skyscraper Mega-Tall (buildings with more than 300 meters high) constructed and the highest residential use in the world.

In the way, she reflected on the cultural difference between the United States and Spain (her country). In the first were purchased and demolished the mythical Hotel Drake, built in 1,926, where had resided personalities of the carving of Frank Sinatra, Muhammad Ali, or Jimi Hendrix. This seemed to be impossible in her country, where recently had armed a stir because a Chinese billionaire had proposed to demolish and rebuild a building of 1953, without historical value some.

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432 Park Avenue interior

In the door of the impressive Tower, patiently waiting, the responsible for the management of the building, thanks to her contact, went to teach and explain the most interesting details of the complex to the protagonist of this post. The African-American woman smiled affectionately, held out the hand to Sandra, and after the presentation of courtesy, began to narrate the details of construction.

«The CIM Group was the company responsible for realizing the wonderful building in which I work. Although the CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) has declared to the World Trade Center as the tallest building of New York, the truth is that if we measure the height until the last ceiling built, the 432 Park Avenue exceeds in 9.8 meters, if the tower is second in the list is by the antenna that form part of the skyscrapers of the Area Zero. 

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The views from the building are spectacular

 Even so, we are to the feet of the tallest building residential of the world, its 426 meters of length is responsible of this. Another peculiarity is its slenderness, has a relationship height/width of 15:1, which makes it one of the thinnest towers of the World. The architect responsible for its design, Rafael Viñoly, drew up a regular pattern based on the figure of the square, so the base of 28 x 28 meters stretches to the top, by integrating in it 24 windows of 3 x 3 meters on each floor.

The construction is divided in seven sections or buildings stacked in vertical, these sections are separated by spaces outdoor that serve to reduce the pressure of the wind, achieving the stability structural. The building includes in total 86 flats, 104 luxury apartments, 3 floors underground and six lifts. The height free inside at each plant is of 3.8 meters, and has views of 360 degrees thanks to the absence of pillars.

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432 Park Avenue interior

The first block is composed of homes for the personal (my home, also), conferences room, projection room, restaurant private, billiards room, terrace garden, facilities for the health (Wellness and spa), gym and pool, in addition to spaces of storage and wineries. The other blocks have the luxury apartments with different divisions (from one to four), with a surface area of 803 square meters per plant.

The engineering firm, WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, was the responsible of the structural calculation and putting it into work. The repeating pattern of the building facilitated, in part, the construction and it came to finish a plant per week, thanks to the expertise of the operators (everything must be said), for whose hands passed 53.520 cubic meters of concrete and 12,500 tons of steel. The load transmission is carried out through an inner core and the main façade, which link the waffle slabs (distributed loads in two directions).

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432 Park Avenue interior

 Another study of architecture, the SLCE, has been the responsible of the direction of the works. As curiosity I will tell you that the first 50 Mega-Tall were built between 1930 and 2010, the 432 Park Avenue, completed in December 2015, has become the 100th… In these past five years have been built the same amount as in the 1980s!! (Impressive).

The famous Deborah Berke was responsible for the interior design, using a minimalist design to take advantage of the panoramic views: from the Hudson to the Bronx, from Central Park to the Atlantic Ocean, all that nobody has seen before within reach of a few. Flooring of wood, baths and kitchens of marble, furniture of oak, appliances of steel stainless Miele and Dornbracht, heating in the floor and washstands embedded are some details of the real estate.

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432 Park Avenue interior

 The pilot floor was located on the floor 38, in it, Deborah placed a coffee table Yves Klein and worked with the Ryan Lee Gallery to place works of art of Ellsworth Kelly, Kiki Smith, Donald Sultan. The first sale was closed in December of 2015, on the floor 35 for 18 million dollars (16 euros). Right now (if you are ready) sales ranging from 76.5 million dollars (68 EUR) for an apartment of 750 square meters on the ground 88 (with 9 rooms, 7 bathrooms and 5 toilets) to 17.5 million dollars (euros 15.5) by 370 square meters in the plant 36 (only six rooms, four bathrooms and a toilet).

The supplier of concrete, Holcim US, carried out tests to improve the resistance of the material reaching the 980 kilograms per square centimeter, think that up to recently it was considered impossible to transfer the barrier of 500. This has made possible the maximization of the building, reaching the 65,500 square meters built in just 803 per plant

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432 Park Avenue interior

For Sandra, the time flew as high as the Tower, and gave her much anger when she had to say goodbye. While she walk to home, thought in visit the bar where they used to meet her colleagues to talk about architecture, she had never attended one of those meetings but today she wanted to go. She carried to Nikolai in her thoughts, so she would be well a bit of good company and conversation. What she not imagined ever is that he and his companion would be in the same place that she was heading.

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432 Park Avenue interior

Disclosure: The characters that appear in this article, their different personalities and their relationships with each other and with the environment are part of a fiction. The author is not responsible for the views expressed in the article and has no business relationship with any of the companies listed on it.

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