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The 'condos' are places specially designed for cats do what they like

Gisele Bundchen with your cat

Gisele Bundchen appeared in the promotional campaign for the firm  Vivara , Brazilian jeweler very interesting as it has done on several occasions but this time with his own cat. There are even pictures of just cat with packaging, certainly very nice and caring. The «condos» are a type of toy / furniture for cats very necessary for them because it covers both the need to climb,  hide and leave the cats and the sharpened nails.

An example of cat we all have in mind is the cat without name in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, José Luis de Vilallonga had a very interesting anecdote about how difficult it was recording with the feline (which confirms Alfred Hitchcock’s assertion about working with animals in a film), it really was not a single cat but several, were taught to each action to do that at the exact moment that should appear in each sequence. This cat, or these cats were free as much as was its owner for life, but for most of us and our pets the order is a major factor, so these condos are so useful.

Condo are called, in English and French by the abbreviation  condominium or community building, and also serve several cats. There are some very original and funny designs and great quality too. I’d like to show you in this post.

Sinking Titanic Cat Luxury Condo
While waiting for the Titanic II created with funds from the Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, first departure from Shanghai bound for London and then to New York in 2016 and the exhibition will tour the Titanic Foundation selected cities worldwide basis from the city of sciences Granada (Spain) every success and rumors about insurance issues and the reality of the ship that sank in the last century at the peak, this condo is relevant today.

Condos Martini and Wedding Cake. Click to buy

Martini Condo
What a lovely little cat girl would pass the time of martini? None. So I thought of them as though these things as mundane as climbing and sharpened claws seem kid stuff, the kittens also do the same, with its elegance and sensuality own clear, why have this ideal model. Of course, we never distinction of genres, there are also models for boys or more neutral.

Wedding Cake Condo
In peak wedding season I threw an idea, dearest wedding planner. Look what nicer for those who want to go with her pussy wedding accessory.

For those who want a more architectural and integrated into the decor of the house I present these other models design.

Condos Rondo. Click to buy

Condo Rondo Pet Interiors 
There are many variations of this model combo, the Rondo. You can replace the damaged parts for your cat scratches for many years after it is purchased. Has a cushion of wool can be washed in cold. In this model cats can also sharpen their nails. It accommodates three cats. In Winter has the function that the cushion is always hot and at a constant temperature, plugging into the mains.

This design has won awards and has appeared and continues to appear in numerous magazines of decoration in any of its many versions, leather upholstery, in cloth to match the upholstery, etc. I remember a photograph I loved leather model next to a chaise-longue Le Corbusier in cowhide.

Condo Couchette. Click to buy

Elizabeth Paigesmith is Kittypod designer. An international brand of furniture for cats and their owners, created in 1998 in California. They are now focused on the introduction of a line of bedding composed of natural plush dogs. It is a double-sided chaise-longue in which cats can sleep, hide under or sharpen their claws and play exactly the activities that likes cats! There are several different versions of this model to choose the one you like. It is Kittypod.

Fish Hotel Aquarium
And in a post on condos for cats I will not miss the opportunity to make a nod to the legendary relationship between cats and fish, as well as the thousands of images that we see with the cat watching the fishbowl with desire or thinking about what strategy to follow and I suggest this combo fish to escape the hackneyed designs and home aquariums terrariums and fishbowls.

Fish Hotel Aquarium. Click to buy

It is a contemporary condo designed by Teddy Luong and sold at first by the Canadian company Umbra. He won the award Build Canada. It seems that the fish live in a building in Manhattan by Jean Nouvel. The white exterior can be painted to fit better with the decor of your casa.Se can be stacked together in a building and you can even design your own development.

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