Valentine’s Day & Pets

Until you have loved an animal a part of your soul will sleep.

The man has endeavored to different historical times and civilizations to measure the passage of time periods, to know how long a year or a day, for example.Currently, the latest news tells us that one day lasts 16 hours! And  we can measure the pass of the year by sales campaigns devoid even of the true meaning  , for those of the «catch all». Fresh from the Super Bowl and presentations of haute couture in Paris, this week it´s Valentine’s day.

Bubba Rose. Dog biscuits in heart shape. Click to buy

Today I will speak about  gifts for dogs and cats appropriate for Valentine’s Day. What are the most exclusive, the most appropriate, including what kind of items are usually chosen: Jewellery, cakes, fashion, …, and the most you can surprise.

Animals are full of love.

It’s not a secret, not even for romantic comedies from few years ago, that loving relationships are some «rare», except for a few privileged. Nor will you be offended if I speak none that more and more people want their dogs and cats and feel loved by them rather than others in this world of ours. And although it seems that this is a millennial urban phenomenon, and it is true that some writers and philosophers have reflected stopped with loaded phrases of feeling and perhaps other, more or less snob, always making clear that it is a different kind of love that is truly shame to miss.

Bubba rose. Assorted treats in heart-shaped box. Click to buy

It seems that those who make gifts to their pets for Valentine’s Day are lonely people with relationship problems. Whether you can live in solitude surrounded by people, (and some choose loneliness at some point in their lives as best option for them without any problem), nothing is further from reality. Many people take advantage of it as a day to thank and celebrate love with them.

Kourtney Collar / Lead in velvet for Kourtney collar. Click to buy

In Valentine’s Day are given away many chocolates. The chocolate is not suitable for dogs unless a sweet based chocolate-like carob. Nor delicatessen shaped sweets for animals are «sweet» but have flavors they prefer and they feel better.

Bubba rose. Heart-shaped snacks / Bubba rose. Lollipops with flowers. So you give flowers and candy. Click to buy

If there is a brand of excellence that is Bubba  Rose, never disappoint. They made snacks for dogs guests at a party in what was presented the  capsule collection by Jimmy Choo and Vogue in which models was  inspired by the sketches of Rafael Mantesso about the Bull Terrier designer.

The Golden Era necklace. Click to buy

One of the great classics for Valentine’s Day are the jewels. You’d be amazed to know the figures in millions of dollars moving into jewelry for animals and how they are bought companies created by the visionaries in this field, both by business angels who invest in themselves and by others even before five years operation.

Life Saver I.D. Tag. Click to buy

Not only gem necklaces that would be what we would first come to mind as a supplement to a pet. You can also find dog tags in silver and gold, with current designs such as Diamond dogs . Jewelry lines there are many brands that have a lot of varied designs for animals: charms, ornaments necklaces and collars and leashes for walk, bracelets for the legs that combine leather and Swarovski or medals with the Guardian Angel or San Antonio Abad.

Toni Mari. Dress embroidered with hearts and Swarovski. Click to buy

If what you want is to buy a dress or vest your pet and dine at home or make another plan that can be fun and invite your couple with your pet and clothe all for the occasion, I propose these two models Toni Mari that I love.

My Doggy Box.Special gift box Valentine’s day. Click to buy

Complete at last are the gift boxes. The brand My doggy box knows well and has a wide range of them and even offers you to make your own customized box with the wide variety of items having in the web. I have chosen you for this special Valentine composed of: two toys: a latex  heart, a Mobile plush, a bandana stamped with hearts, carob cookies heart shaped from Wellybix, personalized ribbon with the name of your dog and a heart pendant and 2 dental chewing toys.

Snoopy and I wish you happy Valentine

To finish I leave you with the best wishes for Valentine´s day and are talking about pets and fashion, this time one of the best ambassadors is Snoopy who is definitely the most «in».

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