How to Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

The LVMH Group has set an example by creating an internal Carbon Fund.

The Luxonomist. 11/12/2015

Paris is hosting COP21, the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference, from November 30 to December 11, providing an excellent opportunity to learn more about climate change and how everyone can contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at their own level.

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In addition to countries, business, cities and society as a whole are concerned by this issue and are encouraged to contribute to international efforts to limit the rise in global temperatures. The LVMH Group has set an example by creating an internal Carbon Fund. People often incorrectly believe that their individual actions won’t have any impact on the climate. And yet, greenhouse gas emissions in France are estimated at 9 metric tons per person per year.

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Thanks to small actions and by changing daily habits, everyone can cut their carbon emissions. For instance, taking public transportation rather a car can save up to a ton of CO2 per year. Other simple reflexes also have substantial benefits: turning off electronic devices rather than leaving them in sleep mode results in 10 to 40 kg fewer emissions per year. And by sorting waste, at least 5 kg of CO2 emissions can be eliminated. Unsubscribing to five newsletters that you never asked to receive saves nearly 500 grams of CO2.

A number of resources were introduced ahead of the COP21 meeting to help people better understand and recognize what’s at stake in limiting greenhouse gas emissions. They include Caire Game, an online platform created by the NGO Art of Change 21. Both serious and fun, the game challenges people limit their CO2 emissions at their level. Because when it comes to fighting climate change, there’s no such thing as too small to count!

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