‘Hip’ Malaga touted as the new Barcelona

The perfect place in which to escape the summer heat of the city.

The Luxonomist. 27/04/2015
Recent regeneration project across the port city has transformed Málaga into one of Spain’s most vibrant and attractive hip destination. Click for more information

If you are one of the record 2.2 million people who flew into Málaga airport between January and March this year, then you can safely tick off Málaga on your ‘been there’ mental map… or can you? Despite being home to the third-busiest airport in the Spain, Málaga’s charms are often overlooked by the hordes of Brits who visit the Costa del Sol every year…

It is an easy mistake to make. After all, as you leave the airport, to the east you have almost 100 km of beaches, mountains and famous resorts that have everything the holiday maker could wish for. To the west, there are tailbacks and the ominous looming of shabby apartments, tunnels and the gnarled inner workings of one of Spain’s largest cities.

To ignore Málaga was once an understandable mistake, but a recent regeneration project across the port city has transformed it into one of Spain’s most vibrant, attractive and downright hip destinations in its own right.

Málaga 2
Brilliant mixture of history, culture, charm and modern attractions. Click for more information

But don’t just take our word for it – British newspaper the Daily Mail has recently published a gushing travel piece on the city, in which it labels Málaga the new Barcelona and praises its brilliant mixture of history, culture, charm and modern attractions.

First on the praise list is the Centre Pompidou Málaga, which is the first of several pop-up versions of the Paris gallery that are set to spring up all over Europe. Málaga’s version is wonderfully colourful and welcoming, and has proven popular since first opening, showcasing delightful works of art from Mirò, Magritte and Picasso that are on loan from France.

Other new attractions include the first overseas branch of St Petersburg State Russian Museum, the Málaga Automobile Museum and, to be opened next year, Málaga’s very own Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology.

Málaga 3
The Centre Pompidou Málaga; the first of several pop-up versions of the Paris gallery. Click for more information

The article also praises Málaga’s compact size, making it extremely easy to take in all of these cultural attractions on foot, meaning you are never far from a well-earned rest at one of the city’s many excellent tapas and bodega bars, which specialise in local and national specialities.

The backdrop to all of this excitement is ancient, captivating architecture, beautiful mountains and – never too far away – a wide stretch of beach that runs the entire length of the city. The perfect place in which to escape the summer heat of the city, Málaga’s beaches are cleaner and more welcoming than ever, balancing perfectly the convenience of their city-side location with the peace and relaxation one would want when settling down on the sand.

Whether Málaga yet holds enough diversity and vibrant urgency to match the buzz and brilliance of Barcelona is up for dispute, but there can be no denying that the presence of such a progressive, attractive and forward-thinking city right on the shoulder of the Costa del Sol is something to be celebrated by all. So next time you’re in Spain, make time in your diary to visit Málaga – we can assure you, you won’t regret it!

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