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Miranda Ker with Louis Vuitton suitcases. Make clic to buy
Miranda Ker with Louis Vuitton suitcases. Make clic to buy
Miranda Ker with Louis Vuitton suitcases. Make clic to buy

Miranda Kerr breaks the myth that the models when they get off the catwalk only wear  jeans and T-shirts or like Jacqueline Bouvier -Kennedy – Onassis  said: «they go around like an unmade bed.» She is one of the celebrities who often impeccable go on their trips, with varied and cared outfits. Throughout a series of articles I will tell you how to make a perfect case, for different types of trip, making the process of luggage in a quick procedure and lack of concerns, that the only thing we’re focused is on the purpose of the trip.

Today I will begin by making an espress suitcase for a trip that comes in time. Imagine: a meeting you should attend the next day, in a European capital New York or Mexico City is arranges. Considering that we are in spring and the first meeting will last one day. You do not know the agenda of the destination because it is unexpected. Let’s pack. The process of making all luggage becomes very simple if you rationalize so that even someone you trust like the can do.

Rimowa, Tumi and Antler suitcases. Make clic to uy

With suitcases like these, who would not want you to start?

  • Tumi Vapor® is a lightweight, high-performance 3-layer ABS and polycarbonate super alloy.
  • It features advanced protection system handle 45® X-Brace.
  • Ideal as hand baggage for its strength, durability, mobility and aesthetics.
  • Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Collection.
  • Model Cabin IATA.
  • More Multiwheel ® colors.
  • TSA combination lock system.
  • Add inner bag.
  • Two compartments divided flexible.
  • Antler, sophisticated and bold style, for regular international travelers.
  • The polycarbonate hardly weigh anything.
  • Being flexible gives greater strength and protection.
  • The wheels rotate 360 ​degrees.
Casual look. Hugo Boss and Max Mara dress. Make clic to buy
Casual look. Hugo Boss jacket and Max Mara dress. Make clic to buy

Key List Clothing: Follow these three tips and you will succeed:

  • 6 pieces + accessories 1-2
  • Play it safe, do not do experiments and serves the closet that you have saved, you do not know how you feel now, if the cut is present, if short, long, narrow, wide, buttons uninsured, zipper hooks. .. Take what you avoid any concerns about your appearance.
  • There are only two «case»: a formal dinner, cocktails, presentation … and a casual event.

For the first is always the arch known LBD, black short dress but I do not always advise, because if the presentation is in the morning and protocol is the only supported black from 18.00 pm. Although you can save a thousand ways with a spectacular necklace, a colorful shawl, silk scarf … But in general, are more accepted worldwide as the black and the total black came in the late 80 ‘primeros 90’para stay between us. If you choose the option of avoiding the LBD, choose a dress that would make the same function but instead of black in the fashion color this year and if not, combines black and white.

Michael Kors bag and pen drive by Hermès. Make clic to buy
Michael Kors bag and pen drive by Hermès. Make clic to buy

The casual option: do not advise you to take jeans, you just be worth for this and if it is not given, is uselessly occupied site. Wearing pants in a clear and neutral color in spring-summer and combine it with the shirt or white shirt got in the suitcase, put one of the accessories that you carried, the big bag, jacket or shawl and lower shoes.

BAG: I recommend one that despite little and capacity. If you are compartmentalized, much better!

  • Michael Kors. Fulton largest model.
  • Shoulder strap.
  • 3 pockets one zippered, the other two closed with Key Fob (Magnet closure).
  • Very combinable.
  • Design maintained over time.
  • More colors.
  • In the bag you should take your mobile, your tablet, charger and pen drive
Formal look with shirt by
Formal look with shirt by Akris, sbelt by Alexander McQueen and skirt by Cedric. Make clic to buy


Shawl: I Have it on hand if the temperature varies in the destination or on the plane. Always carry two pairs of clear, transparent stockings, dull and less than 20 den. Although not very fashionable, protocol dictates that the ladies to wear stockings to formal events. A small bag you will carry in your suitcase.

In the bag:

  • Universal plug of excellent quality. I agree you can pay at the hotel, you can buy anywhere … You Venture, buy anywhere find anything. It is very serious: it is your job!
  • Glasses
  • Fabric cover for emergencies.*
  • Shawl, pashmina, scarf …
  • Keys for home, work and car
  • Min Hygiene Kit: check shoes, hair, makeup and nails.
  • Mini health kit: 2-3 strips, a common painkiller, an antacid medication to prevent motion sickness.
  • An umbrella bag.
  • Personal documents: passport, identity card, credit cards, ticket or boarding pass, hotel reservation, contact the person picking you. Documentation regarding your health: if you take medication or wear a pacemaker, for example.
Accesories: clutch by Jimmy Choo, foulard by Valentino and shoes by
Accesories: clutch by Jimmy Choo, foulard by Valentino and shoes by YSL. Make clic to buy

In the bag:

  • Basic hygiene
  • Underwear (socks included)
  • Sleepwear and slippers * travel.
  • Cloth bag for dirty clothes.
  • Laptop, cables for all devices, batteries and prototypes, samples or models.
  • Clothing contingency (cocktail and meeting country club, for example).
  • Clothing day stay (workshop)
  • high heels.
For a formal look: Dresses by
For a formal look: Dresses by Erdem and Chiara Boni

This is true for a man exactly like that except on clothing and footwear, you should include:

  • A suit on while traveling.
  • Two ties.
  • A white shirt
  • A casual jacket
  • A casual trousers in a neutral color. No jeans.
  •  Casual shoe. Never sports or snikers.

Bon voyage!

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