The Match Wear by Uniqlo

UNIQLO announces the launch of 12 replica items based on the match wear worn at the 2015 U.S. Open Tennis Championships.

The Luxonomist. 04/09/2015
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MEN Novak Djokovic Dry EX Polo Shirt (US Open 2015). Click to buy

UNIQLO announces the launch of 12 replica items based on the match wear worn at the 2015 U.S. Open Tennis Championships by its Global Brand Ambassadors wheelchair tennis world champion Shingo Kunieda, top Asian player Kei Nishikori, and world’s top-ranked professional tennis player Novak Djokovic (rankings as of July 27, 2015).

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MEN Kei Nishikori Dry EX Polo Shirt (US Open 2015). Click to buy

The Novak Djokovic match wear continues this year’s theme of Invisible, in colours designed to blend into the court. The key color is vibrant blue, to match the U.S. Open court surface. Reflecting Djokovic’s preference for simple design, UNIQLO introduced white cuffs and collar, for refined elegance. For the first time, the match wear offers a fly front collar. The Nishikori and Kunieda match wear combine perspiration absorption and quick-drying properties, with a bold argyle pattern print.

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Using the latest technologies, UNIQLO has for the first time included a printed pattern on a polo shirt in highly functional Dry EX material – on both the front and back for Nishokori, and the front only for Kunieda. The key colour, appropriate for the premier international tennis tournament, is the vibrant yellow of a tennis ball. The match wear utilizes the highly functional Dry EX material UNIQLO jointly developed with Toray Industries, the same as that used at the four other major tournaments. The special arched structure provides faster drying than ordinary dry function materials, preventing the steamy and sticky feeling due to perspiration, and ensuring comfort on the court. Anticipating hot weather, the back and underarm sections, where perspiration accumulates, employ a mesh Dry EX for better ventilation.

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MEN Nishikori Dry Stretch Sweat Hooded Jacket (US Open 2015) Click to buy

Novak Djokovic said, “I once more helped develop the design with UNIQLO, down to the smallest detail. I am extremely fond of it, for the way it supports me on the court, while making me look good.”  Shingo Kunieda commented, “The Dry EX match wear has exceptional perspiration absorption and drying properties, and keeps me comfortable on the court. The U.S. Open, like the Australian Open, is held in mid-summer when it is hot, and I sweat a lot, and this material lets me concentrate on my game. This will be my first time to wear match wear with a printed pattern across the entire front. I think it’s sharp.”

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Mickey Plays T-Shirt (Kei Nishikori) Click to buy

Kei Nishikori added, “This match wear has more of a pop feel, and will give me a brighter look. I think it will look good on the court. The most distinctive feature is the colour, the same as a tennis ball. We consulted quite a bit to arrive at the final design. The process is fun for me, given that my life is so centered on tennis. The Dry EX feels good, and is extremely comfortable. It absorbs perspiration and dries quickly, allowing me to stay comfortable, without my clothes feeling heavy or clingy. I was able to reach the finals last year, and I hope to go as far and more this year.”

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