At The Aubercy Atelier

It’s without a doubt the best exemple of what would be the French style.

Álvaro Arce. 16/02/2015
Aubercy Atelier

Some weeks ago we had the opportunity to travel to Paris. We love this wonderful city. We took advantage of this wonderful trip to visit our deer friend Xavier Aubercy and to know his great atelier.Aubercy is constantly surprising us. Its models, of stunning beauty, always bear details you can only find when the shoe is handcrafted.

You can feel the love and passion Aubercy has for its craft in every sew, in every volume, in any part of the shoe really. Its philosophy of searching for the perfection makes its shoes stand out and be exclusive and unique. It’s without a doubt the best exemple of what would be the French style. Xavier is a gentleman. Smart, well-mannered, caring and homely. He’s a man who embodies the values we believe in.

Aubercy Atelier

And as a picture is worth a thousand words, we let you now with the beautiful pictures Charly did of the Aubercy store. It is because their are still a family-owned independent company that this shoes are probably the most beautiful in the world.Their artisan workshop can only produce by hand a few hundred pairs of shoes every year… What if you were part of this elite circle of connaisseurs who – somewhere in the world – own a pair of Aubercy?

Created by Renée and André Aubercy in 1935, the design house started as a menswear boutique and has been located since its creation at 34 rue Vivienne, in the Bourse neighborhood. In 1950, with the help of his friend Arturo Lopez, great mentor of Parisian life after World War II, Emile Aubercy was able to rub elbows with the great London shoe designers. During his stay in Great Britain, he immersed himself in the artisanal methods that have created the reputation and the style of English shoes.

Aubercy Atelier

In 1956, he decided to create his own shop in a world where the values of tradition and quality have already begun to disappear, he could provide his customers with shoes that match their requirements, made with the same rigor and quality as the other top shoe designers.

To set himself apart, he surrounded himself with Italian shoemakers and combined English quality with the know-how of another shoe-making cultural tradition. This fusion contributed a unique sense of refinement and aesthetic appeal, taken to a sublime level with perfection in every detail. It’s this mixture of rigorous English tradition, Italian creativity, and French taste level that equates to the specificity of the models created since 1935 by the Aubercy design house.

Aubercy Atelier

In 1970, Emile passed the torch to his son Philippe and his wife. Immersed in the same culture, they decided to enlarge their line and offer their clients’ spouses a series of the great classics manufactured with the same goal of perfection.

Leading the design house since 1995, Xavier represents the third generation of the Aubercy family business. In his desire to perpetuate the values of the Brand, he has reorganized the work to move even closer to artisan practices. Aubercy is committed to offering its clients a high degree of personalization in footwear.Thanks to connoisseurs the world over who respond so warmly to the values of the last independent design house in Paris, the story continues to be written with each pair of shoes made.Enjoy them.

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