Alfredo Villalba: The Exquisite

Exquisite modernity and true luxury. The authentic Haute Couture from Spain that the World needs.

Alfredo Villalba will present on 6th and 7th of March at the Paris Fashion Week collection of ready-to-wear / W 16/17. It is the third consecutive season in the City of Fashion, par excellence. Collections of haute couture and ready-to-wear spring-summer 2016 are available in the Atelier, flagships and the various distributors points around the world. All this are good news to which we have become so accustomed by La Maison.

Diego Villalba is the creative soul of the firm ‘Alfredo Villalba’

I call it, because since its founding by Alfredo Villalba, (father of Diego Villalba, current creative director) until today, has always followed the same canons of intent, development work and creativity that big brands such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent or Valentino. At the same time they have managed to make generational change with such wisdom that amazes within a family business. The latter is a «trifle» which many universities would sample, -like other successful Fashion business cases are studied – when compared with the inexcusable entrepreneurial vision. But this in Alfredo Villalba, is the essential technology behind the Art.

Alfredo Villalba, colección Ready to Wear SS/16
Alfredo Villalba. The ready to wear Alfredo Villalba is certainly Prêt-à-Couture .

Alfredo Villalba made each of the pieces as in any other fashion houses, you will realize a detail in the pictures of the collection of ready-to-wear SS16, some of the models pose next to a sewing machine in front of the very placed to wall, seems to be the actual site, which is telling you that image is not using it at all!

Las auténticas artífices de los diseños de Alfredo Villalba son las manos
Alfredo Villalba. «The hands».

«The hands» are real architects of carrying out these fantastic works if you see one near you will be transported to your own Wonderland, I attest. – Oh! My beloved and admired «hands». These authentic ladies doing as craftsmanship, so precise, so magnificently professional … I assure you I have visited a few brands of fashion, some occupy entire buildings, but the workshops are in an exclusive floor for them when you arrive is another world… there is another light, the peace that gives a job well done and simultaneously hear the heart of the company beat.

Alfredo Villalba. Prêt-à-Porter SS16

Diego Villalba is a real artist, he can afford to say and practice the phrase: «Sobriety we leave to others …» because when the perfect balance in every one of your pieces is reached, as distinct from others, with a magical cord that is uniting, collection after collection and has learned so well from home, Milan (Istituto Marangoni) and inner world exquisitely cultivated cause a knowing smile with him.

Paula Echevarría / María León / Eugenia Silva / Alfredo Villalba designs

Alfredo Villalba has a very interesting internationally projection. It not in vain from the beginning to the front as Creative Director, Diego Villalba was proposed himself to convert the famous firm flawless between the High Spanish Society global image. Prestigious international media such as Vogue – editions in France, Spain and Mexico, Horse Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, El País Semanal,, Glamour… etc bring their latest new as cover. Internationally People very well known as Nieves Alvarez, Elsa Pataky, Eugenia Silva, Kate Perry and First Lady of Mexico, among many others wear their dresses.

Majestic mix of tissues in haute couture of Alfredo Villalba

The magnificent Italian, Swiss and French fabrics only for haute couture, which uses mixing in these stunning collages that happen to be each of its designs are one of the hallmarks of Alfredo Villalba. Diego uses a mix of textures at levels and with a mastery that Anna Wintour would have to Know, because I am convinced that would fall in love instantly. About Grace Coddington I say nothing because for years I have imagined this designs photographed by her.

Alfredo Villalba. Prêt-à-Porter SS16

Alfredo Villalba is a true luxury brand, which is very difficult to differentiate, by way of being processed or treated a piece of haute couture and another Prêt-à-Porter is therefore considered that rather than ready-to-wear collections, they would now considered Prêt-àCouture.Still, they – in a display of humility, a quality only Great – are calling ready-to-wear their collections. Under the concept of many, -including myself- for other brands, parts of these collections would be even Atelier.

Alfredo Villalba handbag.

The collection is called Transgressive Vision. When you see the designs you hear the best songs of rock music inside you. Tell me if this is not the height of delicacy, when art speaks to you! This sounds very good! You can be dressed by Alfredo Villalba from morning to night, with the infinite possibilities they offer.They also have a micro collection of bags and slippers very interesting. You give a very personal touch to any outfit.

Alfredo Villalba Haute Couture SS 16.

The collection is called Transparent Nature. It is an ode to recreating dress long skirt with flowing silhouettes and flared. Organza is the basis on which the feminine designs reminiscent of a fairy that transgresses the XXI century «the established» to impregnate with their good work each of the corners of this dear planet where fortunately can be created. Each of these designs involves 300 hours of work.

Alfredo Villalba Haute Couture SS 16.

It uses the best means, reflected in the finest fabrics combined so that each model is unique as each of the women or the day they face. You´ll find Prince of Wales, gold sparkles, embroidered flowers, a wonderful waterfall forming godets cases, overlapping flowers, lace, feathers, mixed masterfully… exquisite materials that make each of the fashion trends and even progress and reinvented.

Details are essential in the creations of the firm

Alfredo Villalba has Atelier, he will create a unique dress for you. It will be one of the best investments you have ever made. There are many people who invest in haute couture. I am convinced that as Balenciaga designs are authentic family treasures, just as it will be Alfredo Villalba, if they are not already.

Alfredo Villalba. Prêt-à-Porter SS16

Now that the luxury market is very focused on selling experiences I encourage you not only to enjoy wearing a splendid Alfredo Villalba and even some of their accessories, but to be wonderfully attend so exclusively as if the world had stopped and only you exist.

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