Autumn Sexy Lingerie

Today you can dress with the most sexy and sophisticated lingerie from day to day, until the most special night.

Lingerie sales have exceeded 70.000 million dollars worldwide from 2008 to 2016 (figures for 2017 are not yet available). At Christmas, 35.4% more is invoiced. The forecasts are for growth, the pleasure of taking care of ourselves and the benefits that we obtain from it, the new manufacturing and design techniques, the introduction of new fabrics – although the lace will always be the king – and the preference of choice as a gift both by who buys it and by who receives it.

La Perla. Garter belt shape allure

Apart from the lingerie that provides extra functions such as molding and being completely invisible on the outside, for which the seams are replaced by laser cuts and thermal joints or one-piece cuts, we have the most beautiful and elegant lingerie. A great idea is that the lace, satin and satin lingerie also have these other functions as I told you in my post.

Journelle. Bodysuit neckline very pronounced.

The latest in «interiors» is sensuality in abundance with design calculated to the millimeter and to erase from the face of the earth that frightful trend – under my point of view – of bra less or of the awful tricks of the insulating tape or similar…

Journelle. Push up bra with padding. Colors of f/w 2017: Purple, burgundy, blue, green, red and silver / Journelle. Lace bra with padding

Bras with padding and special touch. Forget the nude tone. Do you really need it every day or just in case the top of your outfit is a bit transparent? In the latter case and considering that it´s F / W, maybe you wear a top between the bra and the blouse that makes lining, if you use a strapless bra, with them thin or with another model (maybe halter or crossed to the waist) What do you want the nude tone for? Dare with the colors! Life is faced in another way.

Fleur of England. Bra with very thin straps crossed back

Black is the leading color in sales and this year at night, mainly those unforgettable … For this Journelle has presented some really fabulous bodies.

Journelle. Garter belt set

The «must have» of the season are the garter belts, of those Journelle and best firms of lingerie have an impressive variety, when you see them on their webs (something I strongly recommend) you will want to have the set with bra and panties.

Journelle. Pijama

Another of Journelle’s proposals is the lingerie to be at home: comfortable and elegant. The variety is so wide that it covers all the tastes: short jumpsuits, 2 pieces, silk nightgowns, camisoles, etc.

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