Queen Sofia’s Dressing Room

Through his top designers and their zodiac we know more about H. M. Queen Sofia of Spain.

H.M. Queen Sofia was born on November 2 under the sign of Scorpio. Characteristics that astrologers say that share those who born between October 23 and November 22, Queen Sofia shows in public many of them through their looks and his huge lesson in professionalism, – as king Juan Carlos  said to José Luis de Vilallonga-.

Official photograph of Queen Sofia. (Photo: Casa Real)

Queen Sofia has a very personal style forged over the years. Although some say that she does not follow fashion, I think that she fits your needs and your personality in a very subtle way. You never see her wearing something that clashes because » it´s out». Even her characteristic hairstyle that some profane can always look them the same color changes tone and new techniques and trends of drying if you look closely her fits.

Reina Sofia with dark hair, blond and longer hair and with bandeau as a headband.

Astrologers say that the Scorpio people have a strong character, nothing to do with a bad character, but firmly, big-hearted and very sincere. From young  Queen Sofia has been interested in fashion, has always been very aware of who she was and what role it played at all times. Born Princess of Greece and Denmark later was princess consort of Spain and later Queen of Spain.

Molinero sisters dress and coat. Day of proclamation King Juan Carlos. Click to buy

She started wearing, among others Jean Dessès one couturier settled in Paris, after arriving at Spain she has been faithful for many years to Elio Berhanyer, Pertegaz , the Molinero sisters have made for her toiles even Valentino, to Margarita Nuez, Tony Benitez or manchego Miguel Alejandro designer, and even international pret a porter brands such as Escada.

La rein
Margarita Nuez and Pertegaz Designs. Click to buy

Margarita Nuez: the Queen is faithful  for 26 years to the Catalan designer who said in an interview that our Queen emeritus has great personality and character, he knows exactly what he wants and what do not. Queen likes amortize  her wardrobe. Modesto Lomba, president of the Association of Fashion Creators of Spain (ACME) coincides with Margarita Nuez as the entire Spanish people -to that interest these issues, of course- that Queen Sofia has never committed lapses. Not surprisingly, our Queen Sofia has been named the most stylish among the «royals» of European monarchies.

Business suits.

The Sevillian designer Toni Benítez, a classic on the national scene even prepared a flamenco dress for Lady Di. It has confirmed these statements and that the Reina Sofía is always very aware of the length of the skirts (in short dresses below the knee or mid-calf and gowns at ground level) and the costumes do not indicate figure excessively.

La reina Sofía con mantilla
Queen Sofia with Black and White Mantilla

The natives of Scorpio are a responsibility that comes to impress mainly in everything related to work, family and love. Our Queen Sofia has dedicated his life completely to be Queen, mother and grandmother. Another feature of the Reina Sofía is that she have always respected the Spanish traditions following the protocol of the «mantilla»excellent. She has also gone to El Rocío at least twice.

La reina
The Queen and her jewels

At the same time, they are reserved  in their private lives and often do not easily express their feelings. Queen Sofia does not like ostentation, she prefers discrete and contained jewelry, but «has fabulous tiaras, brooches and very special pieces» as says the owner of the fabulous Barcelona jewelry Bárcena, Ernesto Gutiérrez, expert gemologist and antique jewelry.

She loves jewelry, is known mainly buy on her trips to Athens and Turkey. I mean jewels «minor» with semiprecious stones, necklaces and bracelets with typical eyes and even jewelry. She mixture them with a very personal style: many of these bracelets with a gold watch on his left wrist -unlike that King Philip and King Juan Carlos, on right wrist – which varies regularly. Many necklaces of different lengths finite.

La reina Sofía con diferentes estilos de chal
Queen Sofia with different styles of shawl.

To keep warm she uses wool coats, scarves or coats. You’ll never see her wearing furs. It is well-known by everyone who does not like at all. For many years no one to go to a reception or official ceremony with the Queen Sofia  could think wearing fur.

Scorpio is a water sign, perhaps why the Reina Sofia loves the sea, sailing and nautical activities. She looks happy in Palma at the Yacht Club, accompanying her grandchildren to ship or sailing lessons… With her casual looks so characteristic pants, shirts, polo shirts, moccasins, sandals and «menorquinas». As she likes to say «I’m a summer person».

Outfits informales de la reina Sofía
Queen Sofia outfits.

Queen Sofia is practical and seeks comfort, inside perfection in each moment. Regarding patterns and colors, whether for official acts is more restrained and uses the monochrome and floral prints. During the summer he likes the colorful bold prints and even ethnic, boho chic touch with and very summery colors.

Footwear has been seen at official events almost always with shoes mainly three models: pumps, sling backs and peep toe with heels no more than 7 cm. As for brands used varied from chanel, typical bicolor black toe and beige the rest until even Magrit, Queen Letizia it is not the only one who uses (Camilla Parker Bowles married Prince Charles, with a pair of Magrit). As we have said, it used Tod’s loafers, Castañer espadrilles usually and classic Menorcan craft sandals, called «menorquinas».

La reina Sofía con distintos tipos de bolsos
Queen Sofia with different types of bags

H.M. Queen Sofia has mainly four models of bags: Small to official events at night. Which it combined with suit jackets for institutional events in which the protocol does not require black tie she has a very personal way to catch. Bags for day to day staff are usually medium shoulder bags and summer handbags shopping bag type.

Queen Sofia usually not wear hats, we have rarely seen her. Prefers touched mainly Candela Cort and two photographs of her hat there are pamelas- far apart in time -.

La reina Sofía un tocado en la boda de los duques de Cambridge
Queen Sofia at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Queen Sofia is very aware and committed to social problems and has a large international presence. Therefore it has a classic look that can call that prevents colors, long skirts and sleeves, deep neckline not bother anyone from different cultures or religions.

The most used by the Queen in official acts colors, mainly they are: pink, white and beige, pearl gray and gray oil, lead blue sky and blue, apple green and light green, black. Generally it used structured necks, French long sleeves and below the knee.

Entrega del premio Hadrian
Reina Sofia in action Unicef global poverty.

This past October 21, 2015 she was given the «2015 Hadrian Award» in New York for her work in heritage preservation, you can see information such as her acceptance speech here. Likewise, she is particularly involved in the microcredit program for women in the third world and global poverty.



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