Swimwear for Sizes 0 to 4

Congratulations! You're the muse of most of  designers! You can wear  almost  everything.  The High Brands Collections are made for you. You can wear almost everything. Imagination to power!

Victoria´s Secret S/S collection. Haz clic para comprar
Victoria´s Secret S/S  collection. Haz clic para comprar
Victoria´s Secret S/S collection. Click to buy

Don´t tell me you are sad because you aren´t a curvy woman. You are the protagonist in Haute Coture world. Although then there are a bigger range of sizes for pret a porter, even plus sizes line and the Haute Coture fits to each one of the clients. Honey !, There are tricks for all.Don´t be insecure! You’re also a real woman and in the world of Haute Couture you´re the protagonist! Although then haute couture designs will make to fit to the clients and there will be a wide range of sizes for Prêt à porter or even there are plus size lines. More than a decade that we are in the wonderful millennials and since the nineties, the policy of «catch all» it is at the forefront.

Bikini con volantes para hacer más pecho.
Lisa Marie Fernández. Bikini bandeau with frills .

1.- VERY THIN: In general, if you have a very slim silhouette and want to add volume in chest, hips and buttocks, the ideal is ruffles, fringes, ribbons, patterns, cups filled, tops highly structured inside and out to appear more, draped layers based structure, part of the neckline … Add in the area that you want to manage or enhance vision. Play with patterns. I wouldn´t recommend stripes. Use the different designs (one piece, bikini, tankini) to enhance your «values». With these models you will see more clear:

Moda baño con estampado tropical. Haz clic para comprar
Andrés Sardá, One piece. Click to buy

This model has a special construction of the chest and also bowls filled with large frills, but you have models with small ruffles on the chest and / or shorts. Remember that moderation is always a rule to keep in mind that a lower height and size should be more careful about the size and number of ornaments since you run the risk of looking like a walking Christmas fir.

Stamping, no stripes. Ideally,  floral prints, paisley, Hawaiian, animal print, etc. Flee of stripes, whether horizontal or vertical. You can use the one you want if you have in mind the other tips. Maybe you’re one of these special cases:

2.- SLIM VERY HIGH: You may be  very thin and also very high. In this case I suggest a bikini, the rest will make you even more elongated silhouette. Opt for a V-neck, halter, bandeau, a pronounced design. I propose you get this effect with this bikini by stamping, cutting the waist of the shorts and the neckline v Adema be bandeau. Look how many things have been careful in one design. I´d like propose you this swim suit from pre fall 2015 collection of Missoni mare, it´s perfect for this case. If you want a one piece: It combines textures, colors, cuts and designs to shorten optically figure.

Mara Hoffman. Bikini V-WIRE and Missoni mare, One piece pre fall 2015 collection. Click to buy

3.- THIN & SHORT. PETITE SIZE: If you are very thin and short, you have a petite size. Opt for a two-piece,  with a low hip panty, it stylizes much. Flee of large or ornate prints. Best vertical solid colors or prints. Never go loose. Always in your size.

4.- THIN WITH HIPS: I propose two options: One piece or bikini, like you prefer,  divides it:     the bottom in dark, solid, shorts, structured cuts that make optically closer,  and enhanced top with prints, drapery , bonds, fillers, etc. Another little-known option is the one piece swimsuit in one color gradient being the top lighter and darker below.

Bikini Antibes black and Marysia, Trikini Lafayette. Click to buy

5.- THIN WITH LITTLE BOTTOM: To enhance it adds volume with ruffles or fringed, also become the skirts that were so popular in the late 80’s and the Spanish brand Kuny: revived at that time with its characteristic white flower. Oh! What memories of  teen fashion! You can use prints but if they aren´t too large. If you choose a good brand  they have thought it for you, there is a whole design team behind.

6.- THIN WITH BIG BREAST: If you have big breast go forgetting the two-piece type triangle brassier , will be vulgar. Remember halter necklines or V, good internal structure for excellent support. Solid at least in the top colors. The swimsuit model (one piece, bikini or tankini), is the same, you can choose the one you want, whenever you have in mind the above recommendations.

Norma Kamali, Diana Model and one piece. Click to buy

7.- THIN WITH SMALL CHEST: The perfect it´s  a  triangle brassier . Fillings will help a lot, are very practical in this case provided, if using a push up will be great. If using drapery, beading, prints, halter necklines or other designs that draws attention to this area will be very good. Bandeau necklines and designs are ideal, with padding will be perfect.

Agent provocateur, Bikini triangle in black and pink, and Eres One piece Alliages. Click to buy

You can use one pieces with lots of specially designed designs for this case I leave you with this model of you, the master brand for excellence in interior architecture for achieved swimsuits based cuts that you can not see, famous for removing the hoops and get perfect figures . Look at that one piece bandeau doing a great figure!

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