This Spring, Listen Dior

Discover the trends for next spring-summer collection from Dior SS 2016 collection. 

If I liked the cruise collection 2016, the SS 2016 collection not far behind. Both different and excellent, full of ideas, trends marking all follow an easygoing air, but with every single detail care the most as befits a  firm of this cathegory. The SS 2016 can be found in its stores from February. All photos were made by Patrick Demarchelier. «I´ve got Patrick!» Emily would say, in The Devil Wears Prada.

Dior S/S 2016

The trends are so clearly defined in this collection that I have chosen to now, after the boom of sales, start to appear in-store clothes, shoes and accessories from the new collections do not dawdle in the hope of discovering and have the latest, acquire by impulse and not by head. Remember that one of the most used advertising slogans is «new.»

Return of Blazer. Dior S/S 2016

Return of Blazer. Back male jacket, in dark colors – dark blue and black -. Long, to the hip. Even coats below the knee with masculine air.

Mostly horizontal, wide, sailor air. Stripes are the stars of this spring summer. For Dior, flowers are also, but instead of stamped are superimposed with an elaborate work as you can see on shoes and parkas in both laser and drilled by a trellis with flowers very interesting and novel.

Dior S/S 2016

White, white and white. When so much white on a catwalk, a very important shift is occurring in the world of fashion and in this case it is that the 90s have come back.

Dior S/S 2016

Trenches and spring coats to the knee. I love it! The raincoats are essential in spring, even in the driest areas of Spain rains and Holy Week processions or the communions of May are not free to stop by rain. In spring wedding season begins, it is still cold for a shawl or rebequita. With a coat like that have been presented in this collection you can finish an outfit fantastically.

Dior S/S 2016

Sweaters in cotton. Jerseys long or short returns, worn alone or to cover other garments like dresses.

Large near the knee. Neither too short nor too long. Less midis. The miniskirt is maintained at the level that was invented, and are almost short bermuda shorts.

Dior S/S 2016

Shoes. While personally I do not like anything with shoes bracelet with models paraded. Those who look on the web for this series introduce innovation works drilled some of them very subtle trellis made with really interesting flowers and simpler. The variety of colors will help you even to buy a shoe in navy blue, or white – hard to find at other seasons- and it’s always good to have in the closet.

Zapato blanco
Dior White Shoe

Accessories. If you need a pair complements this year these are a scarf and a collar attached to the neck, as in the 90s- and combine them together (this is what is called a «choker» «words» of fashion-world). We already had a precedent this fall winter with the importance of the black ribbon around the neck of one way or another. If you do not like and just want a necklace for upcoming weddings, communions and other events that are sure you have a couple of months, it will come in great necklace.


Bags. There are two bags which have charmed me, one of them by color so bright that will give you the energy needed for the day, will lift any outfit and will be an eternal guest in your closet. Even if you think that the color is bold, I’ll tell you otherwise what do you think of the Valentino red ? It is a classic and all long for him. The other bag is a pochette in gorgeous pink satin embroidered with sequins.

Red and Pink. Click to buy

And now just have to wait until February, to buy this wonderful collection that Raf Simons said goodbye to La Maison.

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