Pineda Covalin: the Luxurious Story Tellers

Flowers, animals and human beings are enveloped in fine silks.

Beatrice Rangel. 05/11/2015

Pineda Covalin have been described as the Mexican Hermes. And while the description allows people unfamiliar with the endless Mexican creativity to understand that the brand caters to the upper end of the income scale its does not do any justice to its groundbreaking story.

Pineda Covalin 7
Pineda Covalin. Click to buy

At the turn of the century Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Covalin decided to throw their talent and creativity into telling the world the story of their people, their culture and their art.

Pineda Covalin 2
Pineda Covalin. Click to buy

And they began to give life to the ancient myths of the Aztecs; the stony places of the Mayas and the green pastures of the Toltecas. They also froze in magnificent designs and colors the life of Mexico. Flowers; animals and human beings were enveloped in fine silks; wonderful forms and superb palettes to add an exotic yet refined touch to modern elegance.

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Pineda Covalin. Click to buy

And as their products became a must for stylish women and refined gentlemen, the brand began to globalize Mexican myths and their magical capacity to transform tastes and visions of fashion and accessories.

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Pineda Covalin. Click to buy

Soon their scarves, pareos; blouses; shirts and ties began to define taste in many corporate boards. And as corporate boards adopted the Pineda Covalin look the story of Mexico was rediscovered. The country unleashed itself from the traditional defining trilogy: Mariachis; Tequila and Sashes.

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Pineda Covalin. Click to buy

Through the Pineda Covalin  lens a world of refinement emerged  from traditional Mexico revealing an unending stream of motifs, dreams and desires tied into the soft materials that embellished the Aztec Kings. Through these creations the world could better read and understand Mexico. Because, at the end of the day, Pineda Covalin is not a fashion brand but a story teller that uses fashion as its delivery vehicle.

Pineda Covalin 5
Ricardo Covalín and Cristina Pineda (Photo: Ricardo Bernal). Click to buy

This will be the epicenter of an exhibition taking place mid-November in Havana to show the world the Latin American myths from the Pineda Covalin gracious perspective.

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