The Tourbillon OttantaSei

The new jewel born from the long collaboration between Pininfarina and Bovet.

The Luxonomist. 03/02/2016

The Bovet by Pininfarina Collection, result of the partnership born in 2010 between the two Houses becomes richer thanks to a new gem: the flying Tourbillon OttantaSei. This fourth Tourbillon marks a significant turning point in the development of the collection while simultaneously highlighting its distinctive design codes. The Tourbillon OttantaSei remains faithful to the essential lines thatcharacterize the collection but, at the same time, affirms its own character thanks to technical innovation and stylistic changes.

Bovet 3
The Tourbillon OttantaSei. Click for more information

The word “light”,with its dual connotations of luminosity and limited weight, was the watchword for every stage in the developmentof this project. Taking inspiration for the world of aviation the Pininfarina and Bovet teams conceived solutions able to make the Tourbillon distinctive and very comfortable at the same time. The case of the timepiece fully embodies this philosophy: four large sapphire crystals occupy the main surfaces, while contrasting elementsin titanium or gold trace the essential contours of the structure. The result evokes the glass surrounding thecockpit of an aircraft or helicopter.

Bovet 2
The Tourbillon OttantaSei. Click for more information

The accurate machining and delicate metallization of the sapphire crystals providesuperb views of the movement, real soul of the timepiece, while the touch of elegance synonymous with both Houses is present through thelaser-engraved words «Pininfarina» and «limited edition» on the inner concave surfaces of these sapphire crystal walls. The distinctive screws designed by Pininfarina used on all the timepieces in the collection are also a feature. The stylistic evolution is paired with an important technical innovation granting 10-day autonomy to the Ottantasei.

Bovet 4
The Tourbillon OttantaSei. Click for more information

“The Tourbillon OttantaSei embodies the essence of the collection that has bound our Houses since 2010. It started when I met Paolo Pininfarina in 2008. Bovet 1822 and Pininfarina are two family-run Houses with a long history and heritage, it immediately became evident that we share many common values and it is thanks to our passion that we manage to achieve excellence in our respective fields. After six years of collaboration and developing and manufacturing many timepieces , the Tourbillon OttantaSei is an elevated master technical innovation with a pure refined aesthetic. It demonstrates the symbiosis of our talented craftsmen and designers. When they are sincere and devoid of any interest other than the pursuit of perfection, passions do not just add up – they multiply”declares Pascal Raffy, owner of Bovet 1822 and Dimier 1738.

Bovet 5
The Tourbillon OttantaSei. Click for more information

“I believe the success of our partnership relies on our common vision of luxury” affirms Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group. “Sophisticated elegance, innovation, absolute care for details combined with our desire to realize Fuoriserie jewels able to preserve the beauty, to be timeless”.

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