Style Match in the US Campaign Trail

Carly Fiorina Vs Hillary Clinton fashion Styles.

Beatrice Rangel. 13/08/2015
Clicnton 1
Hillary Clinton

Thursday August the 6thwill live in the memories of many Americans as the starting date for the style face-off among two women leaders in the US presidential campaign trail. That afternoon Ms Carly Fiorina reigned supreme among her republican peers in a debate that was later to be taken over by Donald Trump.On the other end of the Us territory, Hillary Clinton took the stage to throw a punch at Jeb Bush.

Both ladies were launching their latest makeover that promises to create a wave of following over the next year. On the blue front Hillary Clinton emerged with a brand new hairdo which most attribute to John Barrett but no one seems to be sure. She also flaunted Barbara Lacy’s signature celebrity makeup. It creates a natural look effect by means of placing a swipe of lipstick , usually in pale colors; a neutral eye liner and flushed cheeks. Ms Clinton ostensibly adopted butter color highlights in her perfectly feathered power haircut. Her outfit a` la Chico with designer accessories. On the red front Carly Fiorina splashed the world with her summer Armani pale blue suit, a refreshed bouffant or layered bob and razor thin highlights and toned down make-up.

Carly 3
Carly Fiorina

Ms Fiorina carefully chose style aims at attracting middle class working women who aspire to follow her steps and go from the CEO’s secretary post to the top position without losing femininity and grace. Hillary, on the contrary is pandering to middle class women who have to go from pay check to pay check to support a family and to make ends meet.

Both styles are bound to mark fashion trends in the US as the campaign progresses and both women gain momentum Hillary clearly is moving towards the democratic nomination with little or insignificant defiance while Ms Fiorina seems to be the favorite candidate to fill the VP nomination slot.

Clinton 2
Hillary Clinton

This first time in history ticket to notoriety by two women politicians is bound to influence catwalks this fall and next spring. Designers catering to Hillarites will engage in a kind of “cheap is chic” creative spring, Those trying to attract Carly’s business women followers would emphasize privilege, exclusivity and uniqueness. Outfits for Hillarites would need to be confy; practical and convenient.

Carly 2
Carly Fiorina

For Carly’s following elegant and suave a` la Nancy Reagan. For democrats Hillary’s style should be grounded on US mass market designers. For republicans, Carly should wear globalization every day and everywhere. In the end, the fashion industry will be headed for quite an interesting cycle that will last 15 months. This is much longer than today’s product cycles for clothes.


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