Four Keys to Perfect Hands

Natura Bissé presents four rules to help keep your hands looking young and beautiful for a long time.

The Luxonomist. 21/03/2016

Hands are often our calling cards; they can reflect what we’re like and even give away our age. We use them to caress our loved ones, to greet people and to hug, and even so, we don’t give them the same care we give the rest of our body. Make them a part of your beauty routine – they deserve it! Follow these tips from our experts: four rules to help keep your hands looking young and beautiful for a long time. Your friends are sure to ask what your secret is…

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1.- Care for your hands as you care for your face: Just like your face, your hands need their weekly mask and exfoliation session. Renew your skin, leaving it soft and ready for any beauty treatment, with our Glyco Extreme Peelexfoliant. Follow by applying either your usual mask or one that targets a specific issue: to fight spots, nourish, brighten…

Tip Natura Bissé: Save some time and combine your beauty routines. When you apply an exfoliant or mask to your face, apply it to your hands as well. You can even put on disposable gloves and keep doing your tasks or other work throughout the exposure time!

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2. Repair them in a single night:Since your hands spend so much time exposed to the elements, cold, snow or sun can damage their appearance. If they seem particularly dry and cracked, treat them to a little repair therapy: apply a generous amount of Essential Shock Intense Hand Creamand then put on a pair of cotton gloves. This will allow you to use more cream and help it penetrate better. Or, you can leave the gloves on, sit back and enjoy your favorite movie.

Tip Natura Bissé: This boost of hydration will also work wonders for your arms. Apply the cream up to your elbows, using a gentle massage, then sleep in a long-sleeved t-shirt and see how your skin’s roughness and flaking disappear.

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3. Hydrate your fingernails, as well:Nails need a lot of care to stay strong and smooth. If you see that they’re breaking, yellowish or flaking, put the nail polish away and let them breathe for a few days. Nourish and repair your nails with Rosa Mosqueta Oil. They’ll look beautiful, even without polish!

Tip Natura Bissé: Beauty begins with what you eat and yours nails are the first to show it. For example, if you’ve ever had white spots develop on your nails, it means that you lack zinc. For healthy nails, keep your diet rich in nutrients and include fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, lean proteins, vegetables, whole grains, dried fruits and seeds.

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4. Give your hands the protection they need:The sun is one of our skins’ greatest enemies, and that includes the skin on your hands! UVA/UVB rays are harmful all year round, so use sunscreen every day to prevent photo-aging and spots. And of course, if you go to the beach, protect the back of your hands properly, reapplying your cream after every dip in the water.

Tip Natura Bissé: If you don’t like creamy textures, you’ll love C+C Dry Oil Antioxidant Sun Protection SPF 30. Just spray it on to protect your hands while revitalizing them with a burst of citrus freshness.


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