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Dogs have a great predictive capacity as other animals, but it´s introducing its new aid in the diagnosis and prevention of some diseases very topical.

Diagnostic dogs must always be supervised by a physician who analyze the data. Photo: farmacosalud

It is known to all the capacity of various animals to predict certain events, usually related to nature. Besides dogs, bees, cats, sharks, albatross, cows and elephants they are able to predict earthquakes, hurricanes, rains, tsunamis, etc. Each has its specialty and some even several. But in today’s article that interests me is the ability to treat recently discovered – at a scientific level – from dogs to help in the diagnosis of some diseases.

That dogs are able to predict or know your mood or understand what you tell them it is more than known, but equally an animal like a horse, which normally has a very close relationship. Animals are excellent observers and are therefore able to tell if you’re sad, anxious, happy or angry.

The dogs accompany you throughout your pregnancy even before you know the good new. Photo: hola

For its smell are able to know if you’re close to home and others we say that they «predict» your arrival. I do not mean this sort of thing. I will be approaching the issue a little more. Your dog will not let «either sun or shade» in two key moments of your pregnancy:

  1. When you know you’re still not pregnant..
  2. For the same reason knows you’re going to put in labor.

Because  they predicts hormonal changes with his nose. Leveraging the smell of dogs to detect the level of certain substances such as hormones or blood glucose levels, today dogs are trained as assistance dogs-a subject that fascinates me, and there will be another article. It´s  a fact that there are more and more households where only one person lives. Why they are so important assistance dogs, among other reasons. Not only prevention for health reasons, but also for the incalculabe value of your company is very comforting for anyone.

Dogs have a huge sense of smell can detect moods and even diseases.

It has been discovered that all diseases have an odor associated with them, due to the changes that occur in the human body, as the chemical changes that occur in different organs and that are present in our breath,saliva, sweat or urine. The dogs have a great sense of smell. More than 40% of their brain is exclusively dedicated to the analysis of odors and are 40 times more olfactory glands than us. Through hard training is achieved to acquire suitable odor association with the alert level to carry out their work.

In these two websites you can get lots of information, get to have a trained according to your needs (diabetes, autism, cancer detection -Scope hospitality provided- ) dog. Please be sure to consult, they are very interesting and important: Bocalan and Medical Detection Dogs.

Camilla Parker-Bowles was delighted with Wendy, dog who helps Cerys with her diabetes.

DIABETES. Prince Charles and Camilla were delighted with the presentation of these dogs, especially Wendy, a black labrador that helps Cerys with her problem of Diabetes. Before, her parents couldn´t sleep all night, since they had to watch the girl didn´t suffer a sudden drop in blood glucose levels and thus fell into a coma. Since Wendy’s with them -from the first day-, says the mother, the dog tells them if this happens. In just four months has changed their lives, they can sleep at night, Cerys is served and the dog alerts whenever there may be a problem.

It is not known exactly what trained to help detect cases of diabetes in dogs, if low levels of blood glucose and insulin levels, in my opinion I think insulin levels, mainly-. But what is scientifically proven in recent experiments at Queens University in Belfast is that they are able to detect earlier stages of diabetic comas well in advance and be trained to alert their owners and / or family.

Some dogs have a special sensibility

Dogs help in cases of diabetes are trained to detect decreases in blood sugar levels as I said, but much more: alert their owners of the way you choose. For very young children, they can go to the room of parents and awaken, to sound an alarm button, bark, etc. In addition to asking for help, they bring them food and even take them out of their daze.

I have to leave very clear that the dog is not in any way a substitute for blood glucose meter, but it´s a complement to it and an extra safety factor. Likewise, it is impossible to have a dog of accurately detecting alert 24 hours a day, their concentration drops as time passes, that is, the dog also gets tired. This has been proven as along hard workouts are a number of flaws. For more information and details: Wells DL , Lawson SW, Siriwardena AN . Canine responses to hypoglicemia in patients with type 1 diabetes. School of Psychology. Queens University. Belfast. Irlanda del Norte . Reino Unido- J Altern Complement Med. 2008.

Detector cancer  dog. Photo: petdarling

CÁNCER: Dogs are able to recognize the smell coming from our body when we suffer certain diseases. There are many stories about people who say their pets repeatedly sniffing them somewhere in the body and because of this could detect early cancer. I will speak in the most rigorous way as before and throughout the article. Diseases are a serious issue and cancer is associated with a touch of special sensitivity that those who have suffered closely know. 

Not all dogs are capable of detecting cancer, nor is it always on time, and not all cancers are detectable by dogs. At least this is what we can say with scientific data. Dogs detect cancer by the difference between the headspace volatiles of any healthy cells and cancer cells. Cancers in hitherto known that dogs are helpful in diagnosis. – Look closely that I measure my words to the millimeter-. They are lung, lung and breast, and prostate. There is some small evidence that dogs can detect cancers of the bladder, ovary and skin, but is quite far from reaching the end of the study.

There are Epilepsy assistance dogs

EPILEPSY. Dogs are highly intelligent and sensitive. Some breeds are trained to observe signs prior to a seizure and ask for help. One advantage is that the person can be placed in a safe area before the seizure and it develops without any injuries. Dogs can be trained to care for people during and after the attack. What can not be trained is the predictive ability, this is particular to each dog, some have it and others don´t.

It isn´t known why the dogs detect the proximity of a seizure, it is believed that electrical changes in the brain produce certain substances that dogs detected by smell or observe differences in the behavior of people, but not it has reached a conclusion.

Diagnostic dog.

COLON INFECTION by «clostridium difficile». It is a hospital infection. Many dogs are trained to detect the bacteria in the human body. You might encounter a dog sniffing your  the next time you visit a hospital , he is trying to establish a diagnosis. The results and a dog are much faster, cheaper and less invasive than traditional. Just check the «negative», in case you have «escaped» data.

EARTHQUAKES. Perhaps because of his incredible sense of hearing or their paws but -at dogs Like other animals, by these and other factors have a strong ability to predict earthquakes. Why should I quote? Because for people living in dangerous areas are a great help to be able to take precautions against an earthquake.

Finally two popular beliefs: fear and death. Indeed, the dogs smell. In the case of fear we know that the body increases secretions of certain pheromones and inhibits serotonin reuptake, dogs smell these blood levels and placed on alert as human. In the case of death, the body begins to secrete different volatile compounds, similar to what happens in the case of cancer.

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