«Springing» Styles for Kids

For shoes, for the real springing shoes... go to Pretty Ballerinas, this beautiful and incredible spaniard shoemaker from Menorca.

By María. 26/02/2014
I am Maria

Anyone can have a Spring Style. It is fun to look for one too… Oh! Do you not have one? Well you’re in the right article. Now, to get your springing style (I have no idea if this word does actually exists but I love it!), imagine yourself in a Springland, where it is always spring weather. Then, you look at yourself: What are you wearing in that spring beautiful sunset? Let your imagination and creativity flow to the highest level! Now that you know what you want to wear in spring time, open your closet and start creating your own springing looks!

Personaly, I’d add a cute spring tote to finish your look, like the M.e.n.u tote, at Lex in Manhattan-NYC. You can also love the new springing comfy styles that the danish «maison» Oilily can offer. Beautiful dresses, colourful pants.. incredible T-shirts…!! Flowers all over! Luxury stuff for girls and boys just by clicking on my picture!

Spring Style
Spring Style

Spring time is also a changing period. Springing arrives and night clothes must change. I personally love Hanna Anderson nightgowns and tradicional «pijamas» made with organic cotton -very important if you have an skin problem, like me!-. Take a look at the web.

For shoes, for the real springing shoes… what about feeling like a MOM??!! Yeap, a real mom… go to www.prettyballerinas.com, this beautiful and incredible spaniard shoemaker from Menorca. They have the best ballerinas, the most amazing, fun, colorful and unique ballerinas that you can ever dream about!

But, as I always said, do what you really feel like… Every child has their own style!


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