Kate Moss Comes to The Lakes

She brings The Barnhouse an irresistible sense of retro-glamour.

The Luxonomist. 29/01/2016

One of the world’s great models, Kate Moss’s long-established love of The Cotswolds drew her to make The Lakes the site for her first ever interior design project.

Moss 2
The Barnhouse. Click for more information

Kate has restyled the interiors of the Barnhouse, complementing its traditional elegance with a vibrant, retro-glamour vision. It’s a fantastic combination. The Barnhouse’s double height reception and spacious bedrooms which make it so well-suited for family life have been transformed by Kate’s witty take on country house living.

Moss 3
The Barnhouse. Click for more information

She has worked with David Haddock a West Country craftsman, to create bespoke furniture, including a David Bowie-inspired TV cabinet complete with steel thunderbolt. The house showcases signature artwork from Damien Hirst, the Chapmans and some of the most interesting artists working today. Meanwhile, bright pops of colour light up walls, furniture and furnishings.

Moss 4
The Barnhouse. Click for more information

One of the most delightful things about the house is how effortlessly Kate has blended its country roots with her contemporary styling. The kitchen’s slate counter top and its log burner which add so much to its sense of intimacy sit happily alongside shocking pink velvet Talisman sofas built on brass bases. And this easy mix of old and new makes the house a family home, rather than a fashion statement.

(Text and Photograph: Lakes by YOO)


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